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Part One — Permeability and Paradox: Revisiting Domestic and Public in Asia and the Pacific

  1. The Missionary Home as a Pulpit: Domestic Paradoxes in Early Twentieth-Century Korea (PDF, 3.5MB) – Hyaeweol Choi doi
  2. Missionaries and “A Better Baby Movement” in Colonial Korea (PDF, 276KB) – Sonja M. Kim doi
  3. All Other Loves Excelling: Mary Kidder, Wakamatsu Shizuko and Modern Marriage in Meiji Japan (PDF, 2.8MB) – Rebecca Copeland doi
  4. Raising the Standards of Family Life: Ginling Women’s College and Christian Social Service in Republican China (PDF, 252KB) – Helen M. Schneider doi

Part Two — Sacred and Secular Genealogies: Christian Missions and States—Colonial and Contemporary

  1. Sacred Genealogies of Development: Christianity and the Indian Modern (PDF, 194KB) – Kalpana Ram doi
  2. “Ol Meri Bilong Wok” (Hard-working Women): Women, Work and Domesticity in Papua New Guinea (PDF, 1.5MB) – Jemima Mowbray doi
  3. “Tired for nothing”? Women, Chiefs, and the Domestication of Customary Authority in Solomon Islands (PDF, 3.3MB) – Debra McDougall doi

Part Three — The Architectonics of Home and Emotion: New Christian Families in Conversion Experiences

  1. Agency and Salvation in Christian Child Rescue in Colonial India: Preena and Amy Carmichael (PDF, 15.2MB) – Annie McCarthy doi
  2. Deviant Domesticities and Sexualised Childhoods: Prostitutes, Eunuchs and the Limits of the State Child “Rescue” Mission in Colonial India (PDF, 202KB) – Jessica Hinchy doi
  3. A New Family: Domesticity and Sentiment among Chinese and Western Women at Shanghai’s Door of Hope (PDF, 138KB) – Sue Gronewold doi
  4. From Open Fale to Mission Houses: Negotiating the Boundaries of “Domesticity” in Samoa (PDF, 1.8MB) – Latu Latai doi
  5. Paradoxical Intimacies: The Christian Creation of the Huli Domestic Sphere (PDF, 150KB) – Holly Wardlow doi

Part Four — On and Beneath the Skin: Embodiment and Sensuous Agency

  1. Paradoxical Performances: Cruel Constraints and Christian Emancipation in 19–20th-Century Missionary Representations of Chinese Women and Girls (PDF, 144KB) – Shih-Wen Sue Chen doi
  2. Bibles, Baseball and Butterfly Sleeves: Filipina Women and American Protestant Missions, 1900–1930 (PDF, 751KB) – Laura R. Prieto doi
  3. The Materiality of Missionisation in Collingwood Bay, Papua New Guinea (PDF, 2.4MB) – Anna-Karina Hermkens doi
  4. A Saturated History of Christianity and Cloth in Oceania (PDF, 4.4MB) – Margaret Jolly doi