Austronesian Paths and Journeys

Austronesian Paths and Journeys

Edited by: James J. Fox orcid

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This is the eighth volume in the Comparative Austronesian series. The papers in this volume examine metaphors of path and journey among specific Austronesian societies located on islands from Taiwan to Timor and from Madagascar to Micronesia. These diverse local expressions define common cultural conceptions found throughout the Austronesian-speaking world.


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May 2021
ANU Press
Comparative Austronesian Series
Arts & Humanities: Cultural Studies, History; Social Sciences: Anthropology, Indigenous Studies
East Asia: Taiwan; Southeast Asia: Indonesia, Malaysia

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  1. Towards a comparative ethnography of Austronesian ‘paths’ and ‘journeys’ (PDF, 0.3MB)James J. Fox doi
  2. From paths to traditional territory: Wayfinding and the materialisation of an ancestral homeland (PDF, 1.5MB)Wen-ling Lin doi
  3. Testing paths in shamanic performances among the northern Amis of Taiwan (PDF, 1.6MB)Yi-tze Lee doi
  4. Funerary speeches and marital investigations in highland Madagascar (PDF, 0.2MB)Denis Regnier doi
  5. Journeys in quest of cosmic power: Highland heroes in Borneo (PDF, 2.1MB)Monica Janowski doi
  6. Life, death and journeys of regeneration in Saribas Iban funerary rituals (PDF, 0.3MB)Clifford Sather doi
  7. The long journey of the rice maiden from Li’o to Tanjung Bunga: A Lamaholot sung narrative (Flores, eastern Indonesia) (PDF, 2.1MB)Dana Rappoport doi
  8. Paths of life and death: Rotenese life-course recitations and the journey to the afterworld (PDF, 0.8MB)James J. Fox doi
  9. Winds and seas: Exploring the pulses of place in kula exchange and yam gardening (PDF, 4.0MB)Susanne Kuehling doi
  10. On the word ked: The ‘way’ of being and becoming in Muyuw (PDF, 0.3MB)Frederick H. Damon doi
  11. Walking on the village paths: Kanaawoq in Yap and rarahan in Yami (PDF, 0.9MB)Yu-chien Huang doi

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