Memory in Place

Memory in Place

Locating colonial histories and commemoration

Edited by: Cameo Dalley orcid, Ashley Barnwell orcid

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Memory in Place brings together Indigenous and non-Indigenous scholars and practitioners grappling with the continued potency of memories and experiences of colonialism. While many of these conversations have taken place on a national stage, this collection returns to the rich intimacy of the local. From Queensland’s sweeping Gulf Country, along the shelly beaches of south Sydney, Melbourne’s city gardens and the rugged hills of South Australia, through Central Australia’s dusty heart and up to the majestic Kimberley, the collection charts how interactions between Indigenous people, settlers and their descendants are both remembered and forgotten in social, political, and cultural spaces. It offers uniquely diverse perspectives from a range of disciplines including history, anthropology, memory studies, archaeology, and linguistics from both established and emerging scholars; from Indigenous and non-Indigenous contributors; and from academics as well as museum and cultural heritage practitioners. The collection locates some of the nation’s most pressing political issues with attention to the local, and the ethics of commemoration and relationships needed at this scale. It will be of interest to those who see the past as intimately connected to the future.


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Nov 2023
ANU Press
Arts & Humanities: Cultural Studies, History; Social Sciences: Indigenous Studies

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Part I: History in the landscape archive

  1. Matriarch: Reclaiming the mermaid (PDF, 121 KB)Julia Hurst and Karen Maber doi
  2. Spirit of place: The critical case for site visits in the construction of Indigenous Australian histories (PDF, 1.3 MB)Barry Judd and Katherine Ellinghaus doi
  3. Memory-lines: Ethnographies of colonial violence in Central Australia (PDF, 1.9 MB)Jason Gibson, Jennifer Green and Joel Perrurle Liddle doi
  4. Tommy Burns and the challenge of truth-telling on the pastoral frontier in the Gulf Country of northern Australia (PDF, 881 KB)Richard Martin and Fred Pascoe doi
  5. Searching for Retribution Camp (PDF, 978 KB)Billy Griffiths doi
  6. The South Australian frontier and its legacies: Remembering and representing the Mount Bryan murders (PDF, 176 KB)Skye Krichauff doi

Part II: Remembering and forgetting in heritage spaces

  1. A stone in the park of empire: Reclaiming First Nations space through burial (PDF, 929 KB)Alexandra Roginski doi
  2. Place as archive: The heritage of children’s homes and the legacies of colonial violence (PDF, 4.3 MB)Sarah Hayes, Steven Cooke, Edwina Kay and Antony Catrice doi
  3. Engaging communities in archives and museums (PDF, 1.1 MB)Imelda Miller, Olivia Robinson and Cameo Dalley doi
  4. History by committee: Representing the ‘facts’ of settler colonialism in a local historical society museum (PDF, 1.4 MB)Cameo Dalley and Ashley Barnwell doi
  5. Displaying frontier violence at the Australian War Memorial (PDF, 152 KB)Thomas J. Rogers doi
  6. Blue sky mining and Sweet Country: Is it too soon to commemorate colonial violence? (PDF, 1.3 MB)Chris Healy doi

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