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Australia in peace and war: external relations since 1788 »

Publication date: 1991
AUSTRALIA IN PEACE AND WAR is the first work to trace the development of Australia's external relations from their colonial origins to the present. It shows how successive Australian governments have seen the world, what their attitudes have been, their actions and (much more often) their reactions. This important and controversial book details the successes and failures of Australian foreign policy over two centuries. It shows how geographical aspects of the world's largest island, anchored off the south-east corner of Asia, have increasingly impinged on perceptions and attitudes historically derived from Europe. It pleads for recognition that Australia can adapt the best of its European traditions in coming to terms with and helping to shape its Asia-Pacific environment.

The last explorer: autobiography of Michael Terry »

Publication date: 1987
Michael Terry's autobiography is the story of a hard, adventurous life, much of it in northern and central Australian deserts. Born in 1899, Terry fought as a mechanic in World War 1 in a British armoured car brigade in a little known action in Russia. Gassed, he was invalided out and came to Western Australia in 1919 where, on a cattle station near Carnarvon, he discovered his love for the outback. After a spell as a car salesman in Sydney and as a pioneer truckie in northern NSW, he drove a 10-year-old T-model Ford from Winton, Queensland to Broome, WA, much of it across trackless country. The story of this journey brought him fame in Britain and further expeditions followed, testing vehicles in the desert and, in the thirties, exploring for minerals in Central Australia. On one trip he discovered the mysterious Cleland Hills carvings. He chronicled the building of part of the Stuart Highway in World War II and throughout published accounts of his journeys. His autobiography, written in retirement at Terrigal and in Sydney, was compiled after his death by his sister, Charlotte Barnard.

Our daily fix: drugs in Australia »

Publication date: 1986
Our Daily Fix is about drug use and abuse in Australia today. The book deals with drugs - both legal and illegal - in their social context, who uses them, why, and with what effect. It examines government policies, community initiatives and public education about drugs; and its focus is upon the values which have created our drug dependent society. Above all, Our Daily Fix offers ideas and strategies for dealing with these issues, and plans for action. The book is essential reading for community and health workers and professionals, teachers and students and for all who come into contact with drugs and drug users.

A Vulnerable country?: civil resources in the defence of Australia »

Publication date: 1986
The fundamental conditions of Australian national security planning are quite unique. There are no overseas models which Australian national security planners can copy. The sheer size of Australia poses enormous defence planning problems, compounded by Australia's extremely limited resources and their concentration in essentially one corner of the continent. In endeavouring to establish a more selfreliant defence posture for Australia there will have to be greater use of civil resources. This book focuses on strategic assets and vulnerabilities in the civil infrastructure and concludes that a concerted approach to both short and long term infrastructure development, involving close civilmilitary interaction, would make a major contribution to the development of an efficient and effective posture for the defence of Australia. The process of developing and mobilising the latent national security capacities of civil resources is not something which is best left to improvisation. The military and the nation as a whole need to plan in peacetime for fhe high level of civil-military cooperation likely to be demanded in war. All this points to the need for some sorf of national and regional coordinating machinery coupled with the delineation of national objectives, especially in relation to the infrastructure. Planning for national security must proceed in tandem with that for national development.

A handbook of Australian government and politics 1975-1984 »

Publication date: 1986
The Handbook of Australian Government and Politics 1975-1984 is a sequel to two earlier volumes published in 1968 and 1977 and covering the years 1890-1964 and 1965-1974 respectively. Both have become standard research tools for Australian historians and political scientists. The present volume follows the same format - cabinet and portfolio lists, then voting information for each election between 1975 and 1984. However it adds information on Legislative Council elections over the period, not included in the earlier volumes. Together or separately, these three volumes are indispensible reference works for anyone examining Australian government and politics at the Commonwealth and State levels.

Merinos, myths and Macarthurs: Australian graziers and their sheep, 1788-1900 »

Publication date: 1985
Sheep and their wool, the strong backbone that helped colonial Australia walk upright, have a proud place in Australian hearts and in the national record. But the romance of wool has often shrouded the hard facts, and the myths developed by and around the pioneers have distorted an important story. John Garran, sheep-breeder and historian, was convinced that the history written from the study chair be corrected from the farm. He brought a critical eye, practical experience and a great interest in genetics to tracing the origins and development of sheep in Australia. This approach was complemented by the political economist Leslie White. The particular focus of myth has been John Macarthur and the purity of the Merino breed. Australians have been taught that their nation has ridden to prosperity on the sheep's back, and that early sheep-breeders made a unique contribution in developing a pure breed - beliefs aired in controversies about the export of Merinos. But the earliest sheep in Australia were hairy sheep from the Cape of Good Hope and Bengal which had with an undercoat of fine wool, and these provided the base from which, by cross-breeding with Saxon Merinos and other breeds, the Australian Merino became so successful. It is generally, but wrongly, assumed that all Macarthur's stud sheep were pure bred, unmixed descendants of Spanish Merinos he obtained from King George III. Macarthur has been credited with having a vision of a great Australian industry, and working untiringly to establish it on a permanent basis, and has gained a carefully fostered but unmerited reputation as a scientific breeder, a knowledgeable grazier and a producer of superior sheep. None of these assumptions is tenable, and Merinos, Myths and Macarthurs demolishes once and for all the claims by Macarthur and later advocates to his being the father of the wool industry in Australia. What is more, it was his wife Elizabeth who carried the burden of his sheep enterprise. Macarthur at last is shorn.

A history of forestry in Australia »

Publication date: 1985
Forestry is the wise and sustained fostering, production and use by people of the many values, benefits and products of forests. The development of forestry in Australia in this sense, from first settlement by Europeans in 1788 to the end of the 1970s, is outlined in this book. At political federation in 1901, the State Governments retained responsibility for, and authority over, the forests within their borders. However, the powers they ceded at Federation and since have enabled the Commonwealth Government to increase its influence over the whole forestry sector. The federal system of government has thus complicated what might otherwise have been a simple history of forestry in each state, and, in keeping with these circumstances, A History of Forestry in Australia is structured around the development of forestry in each state, the role of the Commonwealth, and Commonwealth-State integration. Until the 1 960s, few people outside the forestry profession or the forest-based industries were particularly interested in forestry in Australia. Most people tended to take forests and forestry projects for granted. But, with the wave of concern for 'conservation of the environment' which began to gather force around that time, many people began to take a critical, personal interest in the forest estate, its management and managers. Therefore, Dr Carron pays extra attention to some of the more controversial public issues of the 1970s. A History of Forestry in Australia has been written with a number of aims. One is to provide the professional forester and student with a history of Australian forestry. At the same time, it is directed beyond the profession - to historians, politicians and conservationists, and all people with an interest in the historical development of this important land use.

Dear Fanny: Women's letters to and from New South Wales, 1788-1857 / Chosen and introduced by Helen Heney. »

Publication date: 1985
Published Press Archives 1885_115147.jpg ANU Press Dear Fanny: Women's letters to and from New South Wales, 1788-1857 / Chosen and introduced by Helen Heney. Sunday, 18 August, 1985 Not available Archive Scholarly Information Services Heney, Helen, 1907-1986

The Samoan journals of John Williams, 1830 and 1832 »

Publication date: 1984
Published Press Archives 1885_114743.jpg ANU Press The Samoan journals of John Williams, 1830 and 1832 Saturday, 18 August, 1984 Not available Archive Scholarly Information Services Williams, John

Beyond walking distance: the gains from speed in Australian urban travel »

Publication date: 1984
Published Press Archives 1885_114707.jpg ANU Press Beyond walking distance: the gains from speed in Australian urban travel Saturday, 18 August, 1984 Not available Archive Scholarly Information Services Manning, Ian

Alcohol in the Outback: Two studies of drinking »

Publication date: 1984
Published Press Archives 1885_115072.jpg ANU Press Alcohol in the Outback: Two studies of drinking Saturday, 18 August, 1984 Not available Archive Scholarly Information Services Brady, Maggie

In the land of strangers: a century of European contact with Tanna, 1774-1874 »

Publication date: 1984
The first century of contact between Europeans and the people of Tanna, in the group formerly called the New Hebrides and now known as Vanuatu, was characterized by mutual misunderstanding, distrust and hostility. To most European observers, the Tannese were something less than human - bestial and bloodthirsty. To the Tannese, the Europeans were something more than human - if not returned ancestors, at least in close call with the all-important spiritual realm. In terms of their preconceptions, each side was given ample proof of the other's treachery, and Tannese-European relations during the first hundred years revolved around attempts by each side to control the other. As this study shows, the result was inconclusive, and Tanna entered its second century of contact with Europe with a reputation as dark, but a spirit as unrepentant, as at any time in its past.

Aboriginal arts and crafts and the market »

Publication date: 1983
Published Press Archives 1885_116874.jpg ANU Press Aboriginal arts and crafts and the market Thursday, 18 August, 1983 Not available Archive Scholarly Information Services

Tax assignment in federal countries »

Publication date: 1983
This book examines the assignment of taxes and other revenue sources among various levels of government in a federation. Four pap rs consider alternative normative approaches to revenue assignment - traditional, optimal taxation, public choice and tax effectiveness. Four papers are concerned with particular revenue sources - corporation income taxes, natural resource revenues, broad-based sales taxes and excises, and local government revenues in less developed countries. Five papers review the patterns of assignment which have been adopted in five economically advanced federations - the United States, Canada, the Federal Republic of Germany, Switzerland and Australia - and in four less developed federations - Brazil, India, Malaysia and Nigeria. The papers were originally presented to a conference at the Australian National University in Canberra in August 1982. The conference was convened by the International Seminar in Public Economics in association with the Centre for Research on Federal Financial Relations.

Sydney Parkinson: artist of Cook's Endeavour voyage »

Publication date: 1983
Despite the wealth of publications which have resulted, particularly this century, from Cook's Endeavour voyage - perhaps still the most scientifically rewarding voyage of all time - the career and work of the chief artist on the voyage, the young, untravelled Sydney Parkinson, have not so far received the attention they deserve. During a period of two years and four months from the beginning of the voyage until his untimely death at the age of 26 in Javanese waters, Parkinson made some 276 finished and 676 unfinished drawings of plants, 83 finished and 212 unfinished drawings of animals and perhaps 100 or so other drawings of people, scenery and boats - a staggering output not only considering the short period of time but also the conditions of working. Much of his output - especially the drawings of animals - remains the subject of further research, some fruits of which are displayed in this book. His early death and the pressures which deterred his employer, Sir Joseph Banks, from his purpose in publishing the results of the voyage, led to a neglect of Parkinson's contribution to art and science which this book will do much to remedy. The book will unlock for the specialist and for the general public the treasures which have been held for a century in the library of the British Museum (Natural History) and in the British Library in London. Following a biographical sketch Wilfred Blunt evaluates Sydney Parkinson's work as a scientific artist; regional experts on the flora of each o fthe countries on the route of the voyage explain and comment upon their selections of the botanical drawings; Alwynne Wheeler of the British Museum (Natural History) presents and comments upon his selection of the animal drawings; Adrian Horridge, well-known for his studies on the evolution of boat building in the Indonesian Islands, comments on Parkinson's drawings of boats, especially the 'flying proa' of the Marianas. Jeremy Spencer deals with the landscape sketches. The book will appeal to the general public for its wealth of unusual, beautiful and historic illustrations; to those interested in the literature and results of voyages of exploration; to botanists and zoologists interested in the plants and animals of the Southern Hemisphere. The research worker will find meticulous reference to the relevant literature and to the lo cation of originals of the illustrations. An index gives ready access to the immense amount of detailed information contained in the text.

Women's work and women's roles: economics and everyday life in Indonesia, Malaysia, and Singapore »

Publication date: 1983
Early observers of Southeast Asian societies frequently commented upon the varied and disparate nature of women's work, and upon the authority and power which resulted from women's active participation in the economy. Undoubtedly women in some situations enjoyed far fewer restriction than did their comerpart in the homelands of their colonial rulers. The authors of this monograph have examined the roles of women, past and present, in a variety of societies, in Indonesia Malaysia and Singapore. The chapters deal with specific societies and situations, and no attempt has been made at a comprehensive overview of areas, ethnic origins, religious or social classes. However, certain themes recur. One is that, since development and modernization began, women's contribution to society has been increasingly ignored and undervalued. Second, although industrialized development has provided opportunities for training and for earning money outside the village environment, the opportunities have largely been for men. A third theme seems to be that, although many elite women have been able to take advantage of the opportunities generated by development, peasant women have almost always been disadvantaged. The chapters generally show that the official, Westen-influenced, view of the woman's role as primarily that of wife and mother has constituted a loss for all women, and has entrenched attitudes which do not necessarily conform to the realities of women past or present.

Tamana »

Publication date: 1983
Published Press Archives 1885_114815.jpg ANU Press Tamana Thursday, 18 August, 1983 Not available Archive Scholarly Information Services Lawrence, Roger

The Fijian people before and after independence »

Publication date: 1983
The Fijian People reviews social, economic, administrative and political change in Fijian society in the years before and after independence. These changes have been accepted, but modifications have had to be worked out within the continuing cultural values of Fijian society. As Dr Lasaqa points out the Fijian people face a number of handicaps in terms of economic development and population numbers, but they are managing to hold their own in a difficult and delicate situation. Some writers on Fiji have not been entirely understanding interpreters of Fijian needs and aspirations; they have brought to their studies outlooks and value systems not necessarily in keeping with the traditional Fijian ethos. This book is a Fijian's interpretation of life in Fiji. Although it is essentially a personal view, it tries to put this viewpoint in the broader context of Fijian social evolution and in the light of the Fijians' determination to face the challenges of the future in a non-colonial, independent and multiracial society.

China, ancient kilns and modern ceramics: a guide to the potteries »

Publication date: 1983
This is the first book about Chinese ceramics written by an Australian in co-operation with a long-time resident of China. Wanda Garnsey, through her long friendship with Rewi Alley, had access to up-to-date information not readily available to others. The book describes the search for historical facts relating to the long and sustained cultural growth of the Chinese people now being undertaken in China and the continuing manufacture of objects of beauty. Since 1949, when the Government of the People's Republic of China was proclaimed, extensive efforts have been made to preserve the antiquities that remain in the many tombs scattered over the countryside. Chinese archaeologists have laboured hard to annotate everything of value that has been discovered either in the course of construction work or in deliberate excavation. Cultural relics may no longer be exported without the consent of the Chinese government, and this book, with its many photographs, gives a glimpse of the great wealth of ceramics, both ancient and modern, that is part of the Chinese cultural tradition.

Margaret Mead and Samoa: the making and unmaking of an anthropological myth »

Publication date: 1983
In 1928 Margaret Mead announced her stunning discovery of a culture in which the storm and stress of adolescence do not exist. Coming of Age in Samoa has since become a classic - and the best-selling anthropology book of all time. Within the nature-nurture controversy that still divides scientists, Mead's evidence has long been a crucial "negative instance," an apparent proof of the sovereignty of culture over biology. In Margaret Mead and Samoa, Professor Freeman presents startling but wholly convincing evidence that Mead's proof is false. On the basis of years of patient fieldwork and historical research, Freeman refutes Mead's characterization of Samoan society and adolescence point for point. Far from the relaxed transition to adulthood that Mead ascribed to permissive childrearing and tolerant sexual attitudes, Samoan adolescence, Freeman demonstrates, is a time of frequent stress in an authoritarian society with punitive methods of childrearing and restrictive regulations against premarital sex. Freeman's book thus corrects a towering scientific error. His aim is not to blame Margaret Mead but to understand how her error could have occurred and become basick to the doctrine of cultural determinism The result is a detective story in the history of science, one filled with engrossing details about cultural anthropology's battle with the eugenics movement, about Mead's relationships with her most important colleagues, Ruth Benedict and Franz Boas, and finally about her poor preparation for the field and the likelihood that she was duped by her adolescent informants. Beyond these particulars lie painful but important generalizations about how the truth in Science can sometimes be obscured by theory and how theory can sometimes be twisted by ideology.

The Academy reorganized: the R. & D. role of the Soviet Academy of Sciences since 1961 »

Publication date: 1983
Published Press Archives 1885_115156.jpg ANU Press The Academy reorganized: the R. & D. role of the Soviet Academy of Sciences since 1961 Thursday, 18 August, 1983 Not available Archive Scholarly Information Services Fortescue, Stephen Charles

The gifted knight, Sir Robert Garran, G.C.M.G., Q.C.: first Commonwealth public servant, poet, scholar and lawyer »

Publication date: 1983
Published Press Archives 1885_115100.jpg ANU Press The gifted knight, Sir Robert Garran, G.C.M.G., Q.C.: first Commonwealth public servant, poet, scholar and lawyer Thursday, 18 August, 1983 Not available Archive Scholarly Information Services Francis, Noel

Grammatical analysis of the Lao ch'i-ta with an English translation of the Chinese text »

Publication date: 1983
Published Press Archives 1885_114793.jpg ANU Press Grammatical analysis of the Lao ch'i-ta with an English translation of the Chinese text Thursday, 18 August, 1983 Not available Archive Scholarly Information Services Dyer, Svetlana Rimsky-Korsakoff

Biographical register of the New South Wales Parliament 1856-1901 »

Publication date: 1983
Published Press Archives 1885_114996.jpg ANU Press Biographical register of the New South Wales Parliament 1856-1901 Thursday, 18 August, 1983 Not available Archive Scholarly Information Services Connolly, C. N

Youth, transition, and social research »

Publication date: 1983
Published Press Archives 1885_114731.jpg ANU Press Youth, transition, and social research Thursday, 18 August, 1983 Not available Archive Scholarly Information Services