Margaret Jolly

Margaret Jolly

Margaret Jolly is an Australian Research Council Laureate Fellow and Professor in Anthropology, Gender and Cultural Studies and Pacific Studies in the School of Culture, History and Language in the College of Asia and the Pacific. She is an historical anthropologist who has written extensively on gender in the Pacific, on exploratory voyages and travel writing, missions and contemporary Christianity, maternity and sexuality, cinema and art.

Gender Violence & Human Rights

Gender Violence & Human Rights »

Seeking Justice in Fiji, Papua New Guinea and Vanuatu

Edited by: Aletta Biersack, Margaret Jolly, Martha Macintyre
ISBN (print): 9781760460709
ISBN (online): 9781760460716
Publication date: December 2016

Divine Domesticities »

Christian Paradoxes in Asia and the Pacific

Edited by: Hyaeweol Choi, Margaret Jolly
ISBN (print): 9781925021943
ISBN (online): 9781925021950
Publication date: October 2014

Engendering Violence in Papua New Guinea »

Edited by: Margaret Jolly, Christine Stewart, Carolyn Brewer
ISBN (print): 9781921862854
ISBN (online): 9781921862861
Publication date: July 2012

Oceanic Encounters »

Exchange, Desire, Violence

Edited by: Margaret Jolly, Serge Tcherkézoff, Darrell Tryon
ISBN (print): 9781921536281
ISBN (online): 9781921536298
Publication date: July 2009