Christine Stewart

Christine Stewart

Christine Stewart graduated BA (Hons I) from Sydney University in 1966, where she studied Indonesian & Malayan Studies and Anthropology.  She first came to PNG in 1968, and gained an LLB from the University of Papua New Guinea in 1976.  She has worked in the Papua New Guinea Law Reform Commission, drafting legislation including the original drafts for management of domestic violence, and the Department of Justice and Attorney-General.  She spend more than two years in Nauru, drafting legislation there, and subsequently took up consultancy work, the main feature of which was the drafting of the PNG HIV/AIDS Management and Prevention Act 2003 (the ‘HAMP Act’) and work on environment management.  She was awarded her PhD from ANU in July 2012 for her thesis ‘Pamuk na Poofta: criminalising consensual sex in Papua New Guinea’, just as her first major publication, the volume Engendering Violence in Papua New Guinea, co-edited with Margaret Jolly and published by ANU Press, was launched.

Name, Shame and Blame »

Criminalising Consensual Sex in Papua New Guinea

Authored by: Christine Stewart
ISBN (print): 9781925021219
ISBN (online): 9781925021226
Publication date: December 2014

Engendering Violence in Papua New Guinea »

Edited by: Margaret Jolly, Carolyn Brewer, Christine Stewart
ISBN (print): 9781921862854
ISBN (online): 9781921862861
Publication date: July 2012