Land and Life in Timor-Leste

Land and Life in Timor-Leste

Ethnographic Essays

Edited by: Andrew McWilliam orcid, Elizabeth G. Traube

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Following the historic 1999 popular referendum, East Timor emerged as the first independent sovereign nation of the 21st Century. The years since these momentous events have seen an efflorescence of social research across the country drawn by shared interests in the aftermath of the resistance struggle, the processes of social recovery and the historic opportunity to pursue field-based ethnography following the hiatus of research during 24 years of Indonesian rule (1975-99).

This volume brings together a collection of papers from a diverse field of international scholars exploring the multiple ways that East Timorese communities are making and remaking their connections to land and places of ancestral significance. The work is explicitly comparative and highlights the different ways Timorese language communities negotiate access and transactions in land, disputes and inheritance especially in areas subject to historical displacement and resettlement. Consideration is extended to the role of ritual performance and social alliance for inscribing connection and entitlement. Emerging through analysis is an appreciation of how relations to land, articulated in origin discourses, are implicated in the construction of national culture and differential contributions to the struggle for independence. The volume is informed by a range of Austronesian cultural themes and highlights the continuing vitality of customary governance and landed attachment in Timor-Leste.


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Dec 2011
ANU Press
Monographs in Anthropology
Arts & Humanities: Cultural Studies, History; Social Sciences: Anthropology, Indigenous Studies
Pacific: Timor-Leste

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  1. Land and Life in Timor-Leste: Introduction (PDF, 275KB)Andrew McWilliam and Elizabeth G. Traube doi
  2. Origins, Precedence and Social Order in the Domain of Ina Ama Beli Darlari (PDF, 524KB)Susana Barnes doi
  3. Opening and Closing the Land: Land and power in the Idaté highlands (PDF, 377KB)Judith Bovensiepen doi
  4. Fataluku Living Landscapes (PDF, 877KB)Andrew McWilliam doi
  5. Darlau: Origins and their significance for Atsabe Kemak identity (PDF, 1.4MB)Andrea K. Molnar doi
  6. Planting the Flag (PDF, 1.1MB)Elizabeth G. Traube doi
  7. Water Relations: Customary systems and the management of Baucau City’s water (PDF, 1.6MB)Lisa Palmer doi
  8. Finding Bunaq: The homeland and expansion of the Bunaq in central Timor (PDF, 4.8MB)Antoinette Schapper doi
  9. Tensions of Tradition: Making and remaking claims to land in the Oecusse enclave (PDF, 2.1MB)Laura S. Meitzner Yoder doi
  10. Struggling Geographies: Rethinking livelihood and locality in Timor-Leste (PDF, 1.8MB)Sandra Pannell doi
  11. The Articulation of Tradition in Timor-Leste (PDF, 1.5MB)James J. Fox doi

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