The Austronesians

The Austronesians

Historical and Comparative Perspectives

Edited by: Peter Bellwood orcid, James J. Fox orcid, Darrell Tryon

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The Austronesian-speaking population of the world are estimated to number more than 270 million people, living in a broad swathe around half the globe, from Madagascar to Easter Island and from Taiwan to New Zealand. The seventeen papers in this volume provide a general survey of these diverse populations focusing on their common origins and historical transformations. The papers examine current ideas on the linguistics, prehistory, anthropology and recorded history of the Austronesians. This volume is a publication of the Research School of Pacific and Asian Studies’ Comparative Austronesian Project.


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Publication date:
Sep 2006
ANU Press
Comparative Austronesian Series
Arts & Humanities: Cultural Studies, History, Linguistics, Philosophy & Religion; Social Sciences: Anthropology
Pacific: Papua New Guinea; Southeast Asia: Malaysia, Philippines

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The Austronesians »

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  1. The Austronesians in History: Common Origins and Diverse Transformations (PDF, 204KB)Peter Bellwood, James J. Fox and Darrell Tryon doi

Section I. Origins and Dispersals

  1. Proto-Austronesian and the Major Austronesian Subgroups (PDF, 309KB)Darrell Tryon doi
  2. The Prehistory of Oceanic Languages: A Current View (PDF, 843KB)Andrew Pawley and Malcolm Ross doi
  3. Borneo as a Cross-Roads for Comparative Austronesian Linguistics (PDF, 331KB)K. Alexander Adelaar doi
  4. Austronesian Prehistory in Southeast Asia: Homeland, Expansion and Transformation (PDF, 389KB)Peter Bellwood doi
  5. The Lapita Culture and Austronesian Prehistory in Oceania (PDF, 305KB)Matthew Spriggs doi
  6. The Austronesian Conquest of the Sea — Upwind (PDF, 241KB)Adrian Horridge doi
  7. Domesticated and Commensal Mammals of Austronesia and Their Histories (PDF, 232KB)Colin P. Groves doi

Section II. Transformations and Interactions

  1. Homo Sapiens is an Evolving Species: Origins of the Austronesians (PDF, 250KB)S. W. Serjeantson and X. Gao doi
  2. A Study of Genetic Distance and the Austronesian/Non-Austronesian Dichotomy (PDF, 169KB)Kuldeep Bhatia, Simon Easteal and Robert L. Kirk doi
  3. Language Contact and Change in Melanesia (PDF, 209KB)Tom Dutton doi
  4. Austronesian Societies and Their Transformations (PDF, 168KB)James J. Fox doi
  5. Sea Nomads and Rainforest Hunter-Gatherers: Foraging Adaptations in the Indo-Malaysian Archipelago (PDF, 285KB)Clifford Sather doi
  6. Exchange Systems, Political Dynamics, and Colonial Transformations in Nineteenth Century Oceania (PDF, 228KB)Nicholas Thomas doi
  7. Indic Transformation: The Sanskritization of Jawa and the Javanization of the Bharata (PDF, 221KB)S. Supomo doi
  8. Continuity and Change in the Austronesian Transition to Islam and Christianity (PDF, 178KB)Anthony Reid doi
  9. Christianity and Austronesian Transformations: Church, Polity and Culture in the Philippines and the Pacific (PDF, 164KB)Aram A. Yengoyan doi

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