The China Boom and its Discontents

The China Boom and its Discontents

Edited by: Ross Garnaut, Ligang Song orcid

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China is shaping the global economy as never before. An insatiable demand for commodities, energy resources and capital, and deepening integration to the world economy has won China acclaim. Yet 25 years of rapid industrial development, far-reaching economic reforms and increasing international competition have also created an array of challenging domestic policy demands.

The China Boom and its Discontents discusses the financial and social challenges that have emerged in the wake of rapid economic growth. Recent research on demographic trends, labour movements, financial development, social security, urbanisation and trade agreements highlight the unfinished progress of reforms in China.


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Oct 2005
ANU Press
China Update Series
Asia Pacific Press
Business & Economics
East Asia

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  1. The China Boom and its Discontents (PDF, 40KB)Ross Garnaut doi
  2. The risks of investment-led growth (PDF, 85KB)Ross Garnaut and Yiping Huang doi
  3. Exchange rate flexibility (PDF, 122KB)Jianping Ding and Ying Zheng doi
  4. Demographic transitions: implications for growth (PDF, 108KB)Cai Fang and Dewen Wang doi
  5. Political institutions and economic growth (PDF, 171KB)Tao Kong doi
  6. Rural-urban labour migration and regional income disparity (PDF, 89KB)Xiaolu Wang doi
  7. Rapid urbanisation andthe implications for growth in China (PDF, 104KB)Ligang Song and Yu Sheng doi
  8. Corporate governance and firm performance (PDF, 44KB)Mei Wen doi
  9. Restructuring state-owned enterprises: labour market outcomes and employees’ welfare (PDF, 67KB)Xin Meng doi
  10. Foreign banks: can Chinese banks compete? (PDF, 57KB)Zhenya Liu, Hanene Hamdoun and David Dickinson doi
  11. How are equity markets performing in China? (PDF, 75KB)Ted Rule doi
  12. Recent developments in the social security system (PDF, 64KB)Tim Murton doi
  13. Component trade and China’s regional economic integration (PDF, 89KB)Prema-Chandra Athukorala doi
  14. China’s trade expansion and the Asia Pacific economies (PDF, 63KB)Kunwang Li and Ligang Song doi

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