New Accountabilities, New Challenges

New Accountabilities, New Challenges

Edited by: John Wanna orcid, Evert A. Lindquist, Penelope Marshall

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This important and challenging volume of essays draws on insights from leading academics and public servants from Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, Canada and elsewhere. It provides an excellent series of critiques of both the systemic accountabilities and the policy processes of government by drawing on meticulously researched, topical and real-world case studies of governance. Its contribution to the understanding of the applied processes of government in this way is exemplary. Topics covered include: restoring trust in government, parliamentary scrutiny of the APS, administrative law and FOI, budgetary reforms, implementation issues, competition policy, indigenous administration, collaboration with the NGO sector, educational reforms and the changes to the Auditor- General’s mandate.

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  1. Introduction — Embracing New Accountabilities, Confronting New Challenges: Canvassing options for next generation improvements (PDF, 139KB)John Wanna doi
  2. Restoring Trust in Government (PDF, 328KB)Chris Eccles doi
  3. Parliamentary Scrutiny of the Australian Public Service (PDF, 266KB)Derek Drinkwater doi
  4. Assessing Access to Information in Australia: The impact of freedom of information laws on the scrutiny and operation of the Commonwealth government (PDF, 4.6MB)Daniel Stewart doi
  5. Through a Glass Darkly: The vicissitudes of budgetary reform in Australia (PDF, 165KB)John Wanna doi
  6. Constrained Parliamentarism: Australia and New Zealand compared (PDF, 150KB)Harshan Kumarasingham and John Power doi
  7. Is Implementation Only About Policy Execution?: Advice for public sector leaders from the literature (PDF, 4.3MB)Evert Lindquist and John Wanna doi
  8. National Competition Policy and Cooperative Federalism (PDF, 165KB)Jeffrey Harwood and John Phillimore doi
  9. The Malfunctions of New Public Management: A case study of governance in Indigenous affairs (PDF, 205KB)Ian Marsh doi
  10. Australian Sub-National Compacts with the Not-For-Profit Sector: Pathways to cross-sector cooperation (PDF, 257KB)John Butcher doi
  11. Championing Change in a Highly Contested Policy Area: The literacy reforms of David Kemp, 1996–2001 (PDF, 186KB)Wendy Jarvie and Trish Mercer doi
  12. Cross-Jurisdictional Performance Audits: Impacts and options for the Australian National Audit Office (PDF, 3.2MB)Patricia Gerald doi

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