Contemporary Asian Art and Exhibitions

Contemporary Asian Art and Exhibitions

Connectivities and World-making

Edited by: Michelle Antoinette orcid, Caroline Turner

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“… a diverse and stimulating group of essays that together represents a significant contribution to thinking about the nascent field of contemporary Asian art studies … Contemporary Asian Art and Exhibitions: Connectivities and World-making … brings together essays by significant academics, curators and artist working in Australia, Asia and the United Kingdom that reflect on contemporary art in the Asia-Pacific region, and Australia’s cultural interconnections with Asia. It will be a welcome addition to the body of literature related to these emergent areas of art historical study. ”
— Dr Claire Roberts, Senior Lecturer in Art History, University of Adelaide

This volume draws together essays by leading art experts observing the dramatic developments in Asian art and exhibitions in the last two decades. The authors explore new regional and global connections and new ways of understanding contemporary Asian art in the twenty-first century.

The essays coalesce around four key themes: world-making; intra-Asian regional connections; art’s affective capacity in cross-cultural engagement; and Australia’s cultural connections with Asia. In exploring these themes, the essays adopt a diversity of approaches and encompass art history, art theory, visual culture and museum studies, as well as curatorial and artistic practice.

With introductory and concluding essays by editors Michelle Antoinette and Caroline Turner this volume features contributions from key writers on the region and on contemporary art: Patrick D Flores, John Clark, Chaitanya Sambrani, Pat Hoffie, Charles Merewether, Marsha Meskimmon, Francis Maravillas, Oscar Ho, Alison Carroll and Jacqueline Lo.

Richly illustrated with artworks by leading contemporary Asian artists, Contemporary Asian Art and Exhibitions: Connectivities and World-making will be essential reading for those interested in recent developments in contemporary Asian art, including students and scholars of art history, Asian studies, museum studies, visual and cultural studies.


ISBN (print):
ISBN (online):
Publication date:
Oct 2014
Asian Studies Series Monograph 6
ANU Press
Asian Studies Series
Arts & Humanities: Art & Music, Cultural Studies
Australia; East Asia: China; Southeast Asia: Philippines

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  1. Polytropic Philippine: Intimating the World in Pieces (PDF, 3.9MB)Patrick D. Flores doi
  2. The Worlding of the Asian Modern (PDF, 2.6MB)John Clark doi
  3. An Experiment in Connectivity: From the ‘West Heavens’ to the ‘Middle Kingdom’ (PDF, 1.4MB)Chaitanya Sambrani doi
  4. The Irreverent Contemporary and Radical Tradition (PDF, 3.7MB)Pat Hoffie doi
  5. Future Imaginaries (PDF, 3.9MB)Charles Merewether doi
  6. Response and Responsibility: On the Cosmo-politics of Generosity in Contemporary Asian Art (PDF, 1.4MB)Marsha Meskimmon doi
  7. The Unexpected Guest: Food and Hospitality in Contemporary Asian Art (PDF, 551KB)Francis Maravillas doi
  8. Under the Shadow: Problems in Museum Development in Asia (PDF, 3.1MB)Oscar Ho doi
  9. People and Partnership: An Australian Model for International Arts Exchanges — The Asialink Arts Program, 1990–2010 (PDF, 2.1MB)Alison Carroll doi
  10. Australia’s Other Asia in the Asian Century (PDF, 3.0MB)Jacqueline Lo doi

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