Asian Studies Series

The Asian Studies Series editorial board is not currently taking on any new book proposals.

The editorial committee of the Asian Studies Series interprets ‘Asia’ broadly in terms of region. To date, our titles cover such disciplines as contemporary art, international relations, history, literature, politics, and crime. We are particularly interested in monographs or edited collections that make use of sources in Asian languages.

Please note: The following list of titles is sorted by publication date, with the most recent first.

Bridging Australia and Japan: Volume 2 »

The writings of David Sissons, historian and political scientist

Publication date: August 2020

This book is volume two of the writings of David Sissons, who first established his academic career as a political scientist specialising in Japanese politics, and later shifted his focus to the history of Australia–Japan relations.

Fluid Matter(s) »

Flow and Transformation in the History of the Body

Publication date: August 2020

Once upon a time, doctors across Eurasia imagined human beings in ways that strike us today as profoundly strange and alien.

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Re-imagining Japan after Fukushima »

Authored by: Tamaki Mihic
Publication date: March 2020

The 2011 Tōhoku earthquake, tsunami and Fukushima nuclear disaster (collectively referred to as ‘3.11’, the date of the earthquake), had a lasting impact on Japan’s identity and global image.

Power, Protection and Magic in Thailand »

The Cosmos of a Southern Policeman

Authored by: Craig J. Reynolds
Publication date: October 2019

This biographical study of an unusual southern policeman explores the relationship between religion and power in Thailand during the early twentieth century when parts of the country were remote and banditry was rife.

Pacific Exposures »

Photography and the Australia–Japan Relationship

Publication date: December 2018

Photography has been a key means by which Australians have sought to define their relationships with Japan.

Read till it shatters »

Nationalism and identity in modern Thai literature

Authored by: Thak Chaloemtiarana
Publication date: August 2018

This book introduces readers to modern Thai literature through the themes of modernity, nationalism, identity and gender.

New Worlds from Below »

Informal life politics and grassroots action in twenty-first-century Northeast Asia

Publication date: March 2017

In Asia today, the grand ideologies of the past have lost their power over the popular imagination. Even in many of the region’s democracies, popular engagement in the political process faces profound challenges.

Bridging Australia and Japan: Volume 1 »

The writings of David Sissons, historian and political scientist

Publication date: December 2016

This book represents volume one of the writings of David Sissons, who for most of his career pioneered research on the history of relations between Australia and Japan.

Eyewitness to Early Reform in Myanmar »

Authored by: Trevor Wilson
Publication date: March 2016

By 2000, a ruthless military regime had ruled Myanmar for more than a decade, polarising opinion inside and outside Burma/Myanmar — with Western countries locked into non-UN sanctions and Asian countries and the rest of the world locked into unent

Contemporary Asian Art and Exhibitions »

Connectivities and World-making

Publication date: October 2014

“… a diverse and stimulating group of essays that together represents a significant contribution to thinking about the nascent field of contemporary Asian art studies … Contemporary Asian Art and Exhibitions: Connectivities and World-making

Tajikistan »

A Political and Social History

Authored by: Kirill Nourzhanov, Christian Bleuer
Publication date: October 2013

This book is a historical study of the Tajiks in Central Asia from the ancient times to the post-Soviet period.

Breaking Japanese Diplomatic Codes »

David Sissons and D Special Section during the Second World War

Publication date: September 2013

During the Second World War, Australia maintained a super-secret organisation, the Diplomatic (or ‘D’) Special Section, dedicated to breaking Japanese diplomatic codes.

Business and the Risk of Crime in China »

Authored by: Roderic Broadhurst, John Bacon-Shone, Brigitte Bouhours, Thierry Bouhours
Publication date: December 2011

The book analyses the results of a large scale victimisation survey that was conducted in 2005–06 with businesses in Hong Kong, Shanghai, Shenzhen and Xi’an.

Soeharto's New Order and Its Legacy »

Essays in honour of Harold Crouch

Publication date: August 2010

Indonesia’s President Soeharto led one of the most durable and effective authoritarian regimes of the second half of the twentieth century.

The Disaster of the Third Princess »

Essays on The Tale of Genji

Authored by: Royall Tyler
Publication date: June 2009

These seven essays by the most recent English translator of The Tale of Genji emphasize three major interpretive issues. What is the place of the hero (Hikaru Genji) in the work?