Culture and Sustainable Development in the Pacific

Culture and Sustainable Development in the Pacific

Edited by: Antony Hooper

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Throughout the South Pacific, notions of ‘culture’ and ‘development’ are very much alive—in political debate, the media, sermons, and endless discussions amongst villagers and the urban élites, even in policy reports.

Often the terms are counterposed, and development along with ‘economic rationality’, ‘good governance’ and ‘progress’ is set against culture or ‘custom’, ‘tradition’ and ‘identity’. The decay of custom and impoverishment of culture are often seen as wrought by development, while failures of development are haunted by the notion that they are due, somehow, to the darker, irrational influences of culture.

The problem is to resolve the contradictions between them so as to achieve the greater good—access to material goods, welfare and amenities, ‘modern life’—without the sacrifice of the ‘traditional’ values and institutions that provide material security and sustain diverse social identities.

Resolution is sought in this book by a number of leading writers from the South Pacific including Langi Kavaliku, Epeli Hau’ofa, Marshall Sahlins, Malama Meleisea, Joeli Veitayaki, and Tarcisius Tara Kabutaulaka. The volume is brought together for UNESCO by Antony Hooper, Professor Emeritus at the University of Auckland. UNESCO experts include Richard Engelhardt, Langi Kavaliku, Russell Marshall, Malama Meleisea, Edna Tait and Mali Voi.


ISBN (print):
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Publication date:
Apr 2005
ANU Press
Asia Pacific Press
Arts & Humanities: Cultural Studies; Social Sciences: Anthropology, Development Studies, Other
Pacific: Fiji, Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands, New Zealand

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Culture and Sustainable Development in the Pacific »

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  1. Culture and sustainable development in the Pacific (PDF, 501KB)Langi Kavaliku doi
  2. The ocean in us (PDF, 481KB)Epeli Hau'ofa doi
  3. On the anthropology of modernity; or, some triumphs of culture over despondency theory (PDF, 502KB)Marshall Sahlins doi
  4. Gender, culture and sustainable development—the Pacific Way (PDF, 511KB)Peggy Fairbairn-Dunlop doi
  5. Governance, development and leadership in Polynesia: a microstudy from Samoa (PDF, 482KB)Malama Meleisea doi
  6. Rumble in the jungle: land, culture and (un)sustainable logging in Solomon Islands (PDF, 482KB)Tarcisius Tara Kabutaulaka doi
  7. Knowing about culture: the handling of social issues at resource projects in Papua New Guinea (PDF, 492KB)John Burton doi
  8. Culture and sustainable marine resource development in the Pacific (PDF, 449KB)Philipp Muller doi
  9. Fisheries resource-use culture in Fiji and its implications (PDF, 490KB)Joeli Veitayaki doi
  10. Local hierarchies of authority and development (PDF, 474KB)Kerry James doi
  11. A paradox of tradition in a modernising society: chiefs and political development in Fiji (PDF, 499KB)Robert Norton doi
  12. Development and Maori society: building from the centre or the edge? (PDF, 483KB)Shane Jones doi
  13. Culturally and ecologically sustainable tourism development through local community management (PDF, 486KB)Richard A. Engelhardt doi
  14. Tourism and culture: a sustainable partnership (PDF, 447KB)Levani V. Tuinabua doi
  15. Vaka Moana—a road map for the South Pacific economy (PDF, 512KB)Hana Ayala doi
  16. Vaka Moana—the ocean roads (PDF, 498KB)Mali Voi doi

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