Modern Japanese Online

Modern Japanese Online

The first course to mastering modern Japanese

Authored by: Naomi Ogi, Duck-Young Lee orcid
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Modern Japanese Online is designed to provide beginning learners of the Japanese language with a solid base of the major grammar and expressions of Japanese in a flexible electronic mode. With detailed explanations and practical exercises, successful learners will gain quality knowledge of the system of the Japanese language, as well as exceptional skills to deal with a variety of verbal expressions necessary for daily conversations.

The learning objectives have been designed and organised on a step-by-step basis. With detailed explanations and rich exercises, Modern Japanese Online aims at ‘easy to use and easy to learn’. 

Modern Japanese Online is based on the Grammar and Expressions sections in 日本語がいっぱい 'Nihongo ga Ippai' (published in 2010, by Hituzi Shobo, Tokyo), which is aimed at developing communication skills in terms of Grammar, Expressions, Natural Conversation Notes, Creative Dialogues, and Cultural Notes. Since Modern Japanese Online mainly focuses on the Grammar and Expressions, it is recommended that learners use this eText in conjunction with日本語がいっぱい for comprehensive study of Japanese.

The combined use of Modern Japanese Online and日本語がいっぱい 'Nihongo ga Ippai' aims to cover most grammar items and expressions up to the Level N4 of the Japanese Language Proficiency Test. 

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ISBN (online):
Publication date:
Jul 2016
Grazia Scotellaro (IT Advisor)
ANU Press Languages
Arts & Humanities: Modern Languages; Social Sciences: Education & Training
East Asia: Japan

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