Naomi Ogi

Naomi Ogi is currently an honorary lecturer at the ANU College of Asia and the Pacific. She has actively been engaged in teaching and has won teaching awards such as the 2010 ANU College of Asia and the Pacific Award for Excellence in Tutoring, the 2011 ANU Vice-Chancellor’s Award for Excellence in Tutoring and Demonstrating, and the 2011 ANU Commendation for Outstanding Contribution to Student Learning. She has also actively been engaged in researches on spoken discourse, pragmatics and the teaching of culture in language education. Her current research focuses on the interactional functions of Japanese sentence-final particles and the contrastive study between Japanese and Korean in terms of the use of directive strategies and personal reference terms. Her recent books include the Japanese textbook ‘Nihongo ga Ippai’ [Nihongo ga Ippai] (Hituzi Syobo, 2010) and ‘Involvement and Attitude in Japanese Discourse: Interactive Markers’ (John Benjamins, in press).

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Publication date: July 2016

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