Strings of Connectedness

Strings of Connectedness

Essays in honour of Ian Keen

Edited by: P.G. Toner

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For nearly four decades, Ian Keen has been an important, challenging, and engaging presence in Australian anthropology. Beginning with his PhD research in the mid-1970s and through to the present, he has been a leading scholar of Yolngu society and culture, and has made lasting contributions to a range of debates. His scholarly productivity, however, has never been limited to the Yolngu, and he has conducted research and published widely on many other facets of Australian Aboriginal society: on Aboriginal culture in ‘settled’ Australia; comparative historical work on Aboriginal societies at the threshold of colonisation; a continuing interest in kinship; ongoing writing on language and society; and a set of significant land claims across the continent. In this volume of essays in his honour, a group of Keen’s former students and current colleagues celebrate the diversity of his scholarly interests and his inspiring influence as a mentor and a friend, with contributions ranging across language structure, meaning, and use; the post-colonial engagement of Aboriginal Australians with the ideas and structures of ‘mainstream’ society; ambiguity and indeterminacy in Aboriginal symbolic systems and ritual practices; and many other interconnected themes, each of which represents a string that he has woven into the rich tapestry of his scholarly work.


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Sep 2015
ANU Press
Arts & Humanities: Cultural Studies, Linguistics; Social Sciences: Anthropology, Indigenous Studies

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  1. Introduction: Strings of Connectedness in Ian Keen’s Scholarship (PDF, 173KB) – Peter Toner doi
  2. Judicial Understandings of Aboriginality and Language Use in Criminal Cases (PDF, 180KB) – Diana Eades doi
  3. Change and Succession in Australian Aboriginal Claims to Land (PDF, 500KB) – David Trigger doi
  4. From Skills to Stories: Land Rights, Life Histories and the Terms of Engagement (PDF, 1.5MB) – Robert Levitus doi
  5. Conceptual Dynamism and Ambiguity in Marrangu Djinang Cosmology, North-Central Arnhem Land (PDF, 634KB) – Craig Elliott doi
  6. Steppe Riders in the East Kimberley Contact Zone: Zoroastrianism, Apocalyptic Judeo-Christianity and Evangelical Missionaries in Australia’s Colonised Periphery (PDF, 163KB) – Heather McDonald doi
  7. The Failures of Translation across Incommensurable Knowledge Systems: A Case Study of Arabic Grammar Instruction (PDF, 267KB) – Allon J. Uhlmann doi
  8. Bakhtin’s Theory of the Utterance and Dhalwangu Manikay (PDF, 273KB) – Peter Toner doi
  9. Development of Collecting at the Milingimbi Mission (PDF, 3.1MB) – Louise Hamby with Dr Gumbula doi
  10. Rupture and Readjustment of Tradition: Personal Autonomy in the Feminised Warlpiri Diaspora in Australia (PDF, 177KB) – Paul Burke doi
  11. The Language of ‘Spiritual Power’: From Mana to Märr on the Crocodile Islands (PDF, 277KB) – Bentley James doi
  12. Reconstructing Aboriginal Economy and Society: The New South Wales South Coast at the Threshold of Colonisation (PDF, 246KB) – John M. White doi
  13. Long-Distance Diffusion of Affinal Kinship Terms as Evidence of Late Holocene Change in Marriage Systems in Aboriginal Australia (PDF, 1.3MB) – Patrick McConvell doi

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