China's New Place in a World in Crisis

China's New Place in a World in Crisis

Economic, Geopolitical and Environmental Dimensions

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Edited by: Ross Garnaut, Ligang Song orcid, Wing Thye Woo

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The world and China’s place in it have been transformed over the past year. The pressures for change have come from the most severe global financial crisis ever. The crisis has accelerated China’s emergence as a great power. But China and its global partners have yet to think or work through the consequences of its new position for the governance of world affairs. China’s New Place in a World in Crisis discusses and provides in-depth analysis of the following questions. How have China’s growth prospects been affected by the global crisis? How will the crisis and China’s response to it impact China’s major domestic issues, such as industrialisation, urbanisation and the reform of the state-owned sector of the economy? How will the crisis and the international community’s response to it affect the rapidly emerging new international order? What will be China’s, and other major developing countries’, new role? Can China and the world find a way of breaking the nexus between economic growth and environmental sustainability — especially on the issue of climate change?


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Jul 2009
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ANU Press
China Update Series
Business & Economics; Social Sciences: Politics & International Studies, Social Policy & Administration
East Asia: China

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China's New Place in a World in Crisis »

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Part I China's New Place in World Economy and Politics

  1. China's place in a world in crisis (PDF, 126KB)Ross Garnaut doi
  2. China and international financial reform (PDF, 150KB)Wing Thye Woo doi
  3. From an efficient to a viable international financial market (PDF, 383KB)Chen Ping doi
  4. China's increasing external wealth (PDF, 379KB)Guonan Ma and Haiwen Zhou doi
  5. The geo-strategic implications of China's growth (PDF, 115KB) – Hugh White doi

Part II Macroeconomic Adjustments Amid Global Recession

  1. China's exchange rate policy, its current account surplus, and the global imbalances (PDF, 181KB) – W. Max Corden doi
  2. Macroeconomic performance amid global crisis (PDF, 376KB)Yiping Huang, Ken Peng and Minggao Shen doi
  3. Economic crisis, Keynesianism and structural imbalance in China (PDF, 267KB)Xiaolu Wang and Fan Gang doi
  4. State-owned enterprises in China: reform dynamics and impacts (PDF, 157KB)Xiao Geng, Xiuke Yang and Anna Janus doi
  5. Economic transition and labour market integration in China (PDF, 351KB)Prema-chandra Athukorala, Kyoji Fukao and Tangjun Yuan doi
  6. Flying geese within borders: how does China sustain its labour-intensive industries? (PDF, 239KB)Cai Fang, Dewen Wang and Qu Yue doi
  7. Impact of economic slowdown on migrant workers (PDF, 509KB) – Sherry Tao Kong, Xin Meng and Dandan Zhang doi

Part III Economic Integration

  1. Global implications of China as a manufacturing powerhouse (PDF, 1.4MB)Huw McKay and Ligang Song doi
  2. China's textile and clothing trade and global adjustment (PDF, 219KB)Will Martin doi
  3. Inflow of foreign direct investment (PDF, 406KB) – Chunlai Chen doi
  4. Chinese foreign direct investment in the Australian resource sector (PDF, 300KB) – Peter Drysdale and Christopher Findlay doi

Part IV The Environment and Climate Change

  1. Greenhouse gas emissions reduction: a theoretical framework and global solution (PDF, 261KB)Project Team of the Development Research Centre of the State Council, People’s Republic of China doi
  2. Can China rescue the global climate change negotiations? (PDF, 317KB) – Stephen Howes doi
  3. Moving towards low-carbon economic growth (PDF, 2.0MB)Jinjun Xue doi

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