The Three Sector Solution

The Three Sector Solution

Delivering public policy in collaboration with not-for-profits and business

Edited by: John Butcher orcid, David Gilchrist orcid

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This collection of essays had its origins in a one-day workshop held in August 2015 at The Australian National University. Jointly convened by Dr John Butcher (ANZSOG) and Professor David Gilchrist (Curtin Not-for-profit Initiative) the purpose of the workshop was to bring together academic researchers, policy practitioners and thought leaders to address a variety of emerging issues facing policymakers, public sector commissioners, not-for-profit providers of publicly funded services, and businesses interested in opportunities for social investment. The workshop itself generated a great deal of interest and a ‘baker’s dozen’ of contributors challenged and engaged a full house. The level of enthusiasm shown by the audience for the subject matter was such that the decision to curate the presentations in the form of a book was never in doubt. The editors trust that this volume will vindicate that decision. At one time the state exercised a near monopoly in the delivery of social programs. Today, almost every important public problem is a three sector problem and yet we have little idea of what a high-performing three sector production system looks like. It is the editors’ hope that this volume will provide a foundation for some answers to these important public policy questions.

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Contextualising the Imperative of Cross‑Sector Working

  1. Introduction (PDF, 0.2MB) – David J. Gilchrist and John R. Butcher doi
  2. Three Sectors, One Public Purpose (PDF, 0.1MB) – Peter Shergold doi

Part 1. Cross-Sector Working: The rhetoric and the reality

  1. From New Public Management to New Public Governance: The implications for a ‘new public service’ (PDF, 0.2MB) – Helen Dickinson doi
  2. Partnerships between Government and the Third Sector at a Subnational Level: The experience of an Australian subnational government (PDF, 0.2MB) – David J. Gilchrist doi
  3. The Contribution of Not-for-Profits to Democratic Process (PDF, 0.2MB) – Tessa Boyd-Caine doi

Part 2. Three Sectors: Three change agendas

  1. Policy Impediments to Social Investments by Australian Businesses (PDF, 0.2MB) – Leeora D. Black doi
  2. Navigating Reform in Contested Spaces: Reflections on not-for-profit sector regulatory reform in Australia, 2010–2013 (PDF, 0.2MB) – Krystian Seibert doi
  3. Shining a Light on the Black Box of Collaboration: Mapping the prerequisites for cross‑sector working (PDF, 0.3MB) – Robyn Keast doi

Part 3. Great Expectations: Outcomes and social impact

  1. Does Outcomes-Based Reporting Contribute to or Contradict the Realisation of Social Outcomes? (PDF, 0.5MB) – Emma Tomkinson doi
  2. Not-for-Profit Accountability: Addressing potential barriers (PDF, 0.2MB) – Dale Tweedie doi
  3. Results, Targets and Measures to Drive Collaboration: Lessons from the New Zealand Better Public Services reforms (PDF, 0.3MB) – Rodney Scott and Ross Boyd doi

Part 4. New Tools for Policymakers and Practitioners

  1. Redesigning Procurement Strategies for Complex Policy Spaces (PDF, 0.2MB) – Ann Nevile doi
  2. Alliance Contracting: How to progress in a world of uncertainty (PDF, 0.2MB) – Cassandra Wilkinson doi
  3. Expanding the Role of Cooperative and Mutual Enterprises in Delivering Public Services: Disrupting the status quo (PDF, 0.2MB) – Melina Morrison and Cliff Mills doi
  4. The Boundaries of Budgets: Why should individuals make spending choices about their health and social care? (PDF, 0.1MB) – Catherine Needham doi

Cross-Sector Working: Meeting the challenge of change

  1. The Challenge of Change (PDF, 0.2MB) – Paul Ronalds doi
  2. Conclusion (PDF, 0.2MB) – John R. Butcher and David J. Gilchrist doi

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