Leading from the North

Leading from the North

Rethinking Northern Australia Development

Edited by: Ruth Wallace, Sharon Harwood, Rolf Gerritsen, Bruce Prideaux, Tom Brewer, Linda Rosenman, Allan Dale

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Leading from the North aims to improve public dialogue around the future of Northern Australia to underpin robust and flexible planning and policy frameworks. A number of areas are addressed including social infrastructure, governance systems, economic, business and regional development, climate and its implications, the roles and trends in demography and migration in the region.

This book not only speaks to the issues of development in Northern Australia but also other regional areas, and examines opportunities for growth with changing economies and technologies.

The authors of this book consist of leading researchers, academics and experts from Charles Darwin University, The Australian National University, James Cook University, the Australian Institute of Marine Science and many other collaborative partners.

Many of the authors have first-hand experience of living and working in Northern Australia. They understand the real issues and challenges faced by people living in Northern Australia and other similar regional areas. Backed by their expertise and experience, the authors present their discussions and findings from a local perspective.


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Publication date:
Sep 2021
ANU Press
Charles Darwin University
Business & Economics; Social Sciences: Social Policy & Administration, Sociology

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Section 1: Rethinking Regional Development and Social Infrastructure in Northern Australia (PDF, 0.1MB)Sharon Harwood

  1. Place-Based Land Use Planning and Development in Northern Australia: Cape York Peninsula, Queensland (PDF, 0.7MB)Sharon Harwood and Benjamin Christie-Johnston doi
  2. Place-Based Agricultural Development: A New Way of Thinking about an Old Idea in Northern Australia (PDF, 0.5MB)Jim Turnour, Kate Andrews, Allan P. Dale, Connar McShane, Michelle Thompson and Bruce Prideaux doi
  3. Investing in the Future: Human and Social Service Development in Northern Australia (PDF, 0.4MB)Hurriyet Babacan and Narayan Gopalkrishnan doi
  4. Underpinning Development: Health and Health Workforce in Northern Australia (PDF, 0.3MB)Scott R. Davis, Felicity Croker and Alexandra Edelman doi

Section 2: Economic and Business Development in the North (PDF, 0.1MB)Rolf Gerritsen

  1. Pulse and Pause: Researching the Economic Future of Northern and Remote Australia (PDF, 0.2MB)Rolf Gerritsen doi
  2. Issues in the Future Directions of Tourism in Northern Australia (PDF, 0.3MB)Bruce Prideaux, Benxiang Zeng and Sharon Harwood doi
  3. Economic Equity and Major Development (PDF, 0.2MB)Natalie Stoeckl doi
  4. Other Views of Northern Australian Aspirations: Pre‑Notions, Ideologies and Remoteness (PDF, 0.6MB)Judith Lovell and Don Zoellner doi
  5. National Data: Reflecting Northern Australian Aspirations? (PDF, 1.7MB)Don Zoellner and Judith Lovell doi

Section 3: Demographic Trends and Migration: Key Issues Facing Further Development in Northern Australia (PDF, 0.1MB)Bruce Prideaux

  1. The Demography of Developing Northern Australia (PDF, 0.7MB)Andrew Taylor and Pawinee Yuhun doi
  2. Attracting and Retaining International Migrants: A Key Issue in Developing Northern Australia (PDF, 0.5MB)Linda Rosenman, Kate Golebiowska, Andrew Taylor, Petra T. Buergelt, Hannah Payer, Huw Brokensha, Jan Salmon, Alicia Boyle, Kerstin K. Zander and Pawinee Yuhun doi

Section 4: Water, Land and Energy in the North (PDF, 0.1MB)Tom D. Brewer

  1. A Case-Based Discussion on the Disjuncture between Local Values and Federal, State and Territory Development Policy in Northern Australia (PDF, 1.2MB)Tom D. Brewer, Sharon Harwood, Ainsley Archer, David Williams and Allan P. Dale doi
  2. Land Tenure and Development in Northern Australia (PDF, 0.3MB)Allan P. Dale, Bruce Taylor and Marcus B. Lane doi
  3. Governing the Community-Based Natural Resource Management System in Northern Australia: Challenges and Opportunities (PDF, 0.2MB)Allan P. Dale, Gabriel Crowley, Tom D. Brewer, Kate Andrews, Brian Warren, Karen Vella and Ruth Potts doi
  4. Comparing Roles and Rights of Indigenous Groups in Local Governance of Trepang Fisheries in Northern Australia and Eastern Indonesia (PDF, 2.4MB)Dirk J. Steenbergen, Gemma Wickens and Jackie Gould doi
  5. Dry Thinking, Wet Places: Conceptualising Fluid States (PDF, 0.2MB)Paul Carter doi

Section 5: Thriving in Northern Climates (PDF, 0.1MB)Linda Rosenman

  1. Timing and Climate: Rainfall Variability in Northern Australia (PDF, 0.9MB)Chris O’Brien, Sara Beavis, Andrew Campbell and Tom Griffiths doi
  2. Killing Two Birds with One Stone: Developing Northern Australian Adaptive Capabilities to Sustainably Develop Competent and Thriving Communities Capable of Responding Effectively to Natural Hazards (PDF, 1.5MB)Petra T. Buergelt, Douglas Paton, Andrew Campbell, Helen James and Alison Cottrell doi
  3. Perceptions About Climate Change Impacts and Adaptation—Case Studies from Indigenous Communities in Northern and Central Australia (PDF, 0.3MB)Kerstin K. Zander, Yiheyis T. Maru, Digby Race, Supriya Mathew and John Rainbird doi
  4. Design for Liveability in Tropical Australia (PDF, 1.1MB)Lisa Law, Shokhida Safarova, Andrew Campbell and Edward Halawa doi

Section 6: Governance Systems in Northern Australia (PDF, 0.1MB)Allan P. Dale

  1. New Pathways for the Governance of Northern Development (PDF, 0.4MB)Allan P. Dale, Andrew Campbell, Michael Douglas, Alistar Robertson, Ruth Wallace and Peter Davies doi
  2. Collaborative Research into Contemporary Indigenous Governance (PDF, 0.4MB)Linda Ford, Michael Christie, Catherine Bow, Tanyah Nasir, Michaela Spencer, Matt Campbell, Helen Verran and John Prior doi
  3. Local Knowledge and the Challenge of Regional Governance (PDF, 0.2MB)Paul Carter doi
  4. Revisiting Governance Systems Analysis in Northern Australia: Exploring Critical Systems Thinking as a Framework for Engaging with Multiplicity and Incommensurability (PDF, 0.3MB)Anne Stephens, Elspeth Oppermann and Allan P. Dale doi
  5. Building Regional Research Capacity: The Northern Research Futures Collaborative Research Network (PDF, 0.2MB)Lawrence Cram doi

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