Humanities Research: Volume XV. No. 2. 2009

Humanities Research: Volume XV. No. 2. 2009

Compelling Cultures: Representing Cultural Diversity and Cohesion in Multicultural Australia

Edited by: Anna Edmundson, Ursula K. Frederick orcid, Kylie Message
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Humanities Research is an internationally peer-reviewed journal published by the Research School of Humanities at The Australian National University. The Research School of Humanities came into existence in January 2007 and consists of the Humanities Research Centre, Centre for Cross-Cultural Research, National Europe Centre and Australian National Dictionary Centre. Launched in 1997, issues are thematic with guest editors and address important and timely topics across all branches of the humanities.


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Sep 2009
ANU Press
Humanities Research
Arts & Humanities

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  1. Preface — Culture/cohesion/compulsion: Museological artifice and its dilemmas (PDF, 115KB)Claire Farago and Donald Preziosi doi
  2. Introduction — Compelling cultures:Representing cultural diversity and cohesion in multicultural Australia (PDF, 182KB)Anna Edmundson, Kylie Message and Ursula Frederick doi
  3. Provocation — Beyond multiculturalism: A journey to nowhere? (PDF, 106KB)Ien Ang doi
  4. Culture, citizenship and Australian multiculturalism: The contest over identity formation at the National Museum of Australia (PDF, 244KB)Kylie Message doi
  5. Migration, social cohesion and cultural diversity: Can museums move beyond pluralism? (PDF, 140KB)Andrea Witcomb doi
  6. Dimensions for a folding exhibition: Exhibiting diversity in theory and practice in the Migration Memories exhibitions (PDF, 473KB)Mary Hutchison doi
  7. But where are you really from?: The ‘crisis’ of multiculturalism examined through the work of four Asian-Australian artists (PDF, 429KB)Anna Edmundson doi
  8. Acting in a community: Art and social cohesion in Indigenous Australia (PDF, 137KB)Howard Morphy doi
  9. Writing/righting a history of Australian Aboriginal art (PDF, 146KB)Susan Lowish doi
  10. Wandjina, graffiti and heritage: The power and politics of enduring imagery (PDF, 1.9MB)Ursula Frederick and Sue O’Connor doi

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