Music, sounds and cultural connections

Edited by: Bernadette Hince, Rupert Summerson, Arnan Wiesel

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This is the first book whose subject is the music, sounds and silences of Antarctica.

From 2011 until 2014, Australia marked its long-standing connection with Antarctica by celebrating the centenary of the Australasian Antarctic Expedition.

The icy continent, with its extremes of climate and environment and unique soundscapes, offers great potential for creative achievements in the world of music and sound. This book demonstrates the intellectual and creative engagement of artists, musicians, scientists and writers. Consciousness of sounds — in particular, musical ones — has not been at the forefront of our aims in polar endeavours, but listening to and appreciating them has been as important there as elsewhere.


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Apr 2015
ANU Press
Arts & Humanities: Art & Music

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  1. Introduction: Listening to Antarctica (PDF, 140KB) – Tom Griffiths doi
  2. Mawson’s musings and Morse code: Antarctic silence at the end of the ‘Heroic Era’, and how it was lost (PDF, 200KB) – Mark Pharaoh doi
  3. Thulia: a Tale of the Antarctic (1843): The earliest Antarctic poem and its musical setting (PDF, 919KB) – Elizabeth Truswell doi
  4. Nankyoku no kyoku: The cultural life of the Shirase Antarctic Expedition 1910–12 (PDF, 845KB) – Rupert Summerson doi
  5. The first published music from Antarctica? Captain Doorly’s piano and its roots in older traditions of polar exploration and an imperial guilty conscience (PDF, 664KB) – Jeff Brownrigg doi
  6. Eating the audience (PDF, 190KB) – Bernadette Hince doi
  7. Musical adventures in Antarctica (PDF, 90KB) – Alice Giles doi
  8. Mentions of music in the Antarctic diaries of Cecil T Madigan (PDF, 973KB) – Arnan Wiesel doi
  9. Body of ice: The movement of Antarctic ice through danc (PDF, 128KB)e – Christina Evans doi
  10. The poetry of Antarctic sound and the sound of Antarctic poetry (PDF, 445KB) – Elizabeth Leane doi
  11. Playing Antarctica: Making music with natural objects and sounds from the Antarctic Peninsula (PDF, 1.1MB) – Cheryl E Leonard doi
  12. And I may be some time… (PDF, 114KB) – Craig Cormick doi
  13. The nature of sound and the sound of Nature (PDF, 364KB) – Philip Samartzis doi
  14. Kiwis on ice: Defining the ways in which the New Zealand identity is reflected in the Antarctic-inspired works of four New Zealand composers (PDF, 896KB) – Patrick Shepherd doi
  15. Antarctica: ‘Surround Sound’ (PDF, 466KB) – Stephen Nicol doi
  16. Frozen voices: Women, silence and Antarctica (PDF, 147KB) – Jesse Blackadder doi
  17. Frames of silence: Some descriptions of the sounds of Antarctica (PDF, 122KB) – Stephen Martin doi
  18. Made and played in Antarctica: People’s music in a far-flung place (PDF, 2.3MB) – Bruce Watson doi
  19. ‘A Vast Scale: Evocations of Antarctica’ (PDF, 277KB) – Rupert Summerson and Claire Beynon doi

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