Humanities Research: Volume XIII. No. 1. 2006

Humanities Research: Volume XIII. No. 1. 2006

Britishness & Otherness

Edited by: Christina Parolin, Robyn Westcott
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Humanities Research is an internationally peer-reviewed journal published by the Research School of Humanities at The Australian National University. The Research School of Humanities came into existence in January 2007 and consists of the Humanities Research Centre, Centre for Cross-Cultural Research, National Europe Centre and Australian National Dictionary Centre. Launched in 1997, issues are thematic with guest editors and address important and timely topics across all branches of the humanities.

This issue of Humanities Research presents a selection of papers offered to the ‘Britishness & Otherness: Locating Marginal White Identities in the Empire’ symposium, convened at the Humanities Research Centre at The Australian National University in July 2004. The symposium was designed to provoke a more sustained and nuanced contemplation of the mechanisms by which a plethora of British identities circulated within the Empire. Moreover, participants were encouraged to question the assumption that ‘Britishness’ was a static cultural identity accessed easily and equally by all phenotypically similar (i.e. white skinned) subjects of the British Empire.

Award winner

The Coalition for Western Women’s History, has awarded Sarah Carter’s article “Britishness, ‘Foreignness’, Women and Land in Western Canada 1890s-1920s” in Humanities Research Vol XIII. No. 1. 2006, the 17th Annual Joan Jensen – Darlis Miller Prize for the best article published in 2006 in the field of History of Women and Gender in the Trans-Mississippi West.


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Nov 2006
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