craft + design enquiry: issue 4, 2012

Relational Craft and Design
Edited by:
  • Rosemary Hawker
  • Peter McNeil
ISSN (print): 2200-6931
ISSN (online): 1837-445X
Publication date: October 2012
Imprint: ANU Press

craft + design enquiry is an open access, peer-reviewed journal promoting and disseminating research excellence generated by and about the craft and design sector. craft + design enquiry investigates the contribution that contemporary craft and design makes to society, establishing a dialogue between craft and design practice and cultural, social and environmental concerns. It  includes submissions from across the field of craft and design from artists and practitioners, curators, historians, art and cultural theorists, educationalists, museum professionals, philosophers, scientists and  others with a stake in the future developments of craft and design. Established as an initiative of Craft Australia in 2008, craft + design enquiry is now at The Australian National University, hosted by the ANU School of Art and published by ANU Press.

Issue 4, Relational Craft and Design is guest edited by Professor Peter McNeil (University of Technology Sydney) and Dr Rosemary Hawker (Griffith University).   They summarise of the intent and content of Issue 4 as follows.  “While definitions of craft and design are diverse, we can be sure that today they are embraced by the broader arts and humanities in a way they have not been since the 19th Century. This issue addresses a series of issues affecting the relationship between design and the crafts in a world that is often perceived as problematically ‘globalised’ and the same. What are the processes through which local producers, entrepreneurs and consumers, operating from both cosmopolitan and provincial sites, interact to create connections in this global context? A surprising number of papers with a strong historical focus came forward.”  Six papers by Sally Gray, Juliette Peers, Jess Berry, Sera Waters, Sandra Loschke and Richard Read were selected for publication in this issue.