Australian Humanities Review: Issue 44, 2008

Australian Humanities Review: Issue 44, 2008

The idea of South: Australia’s global positioning

Edited by: Monique Rooney, Russell Smith
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Australian Humanities Review is a peer-reviewed interdisciplinary journal featuring articles, essays and reviews focusing on a wide array of topics related to literature, culture, history and politics.

Issue 44 of Australian Humanities Review is dedicated to exploring the idea of ‘the South’ and its role in Australians’ perception of their place in the world. Culturally and politically, Australia is closer to the North than to the southern nations that are its neighbours, while geographically, ecologically and historically it remains part of the South. What are the implications of Australia’s global position? What reorientations of our notions of history, culture and knowledge are required for Australia fully to acknowledge its southern status?


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Jul 2008
ANU Press
Australian Humanities Review
Arts & Humanities

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