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  1. Settler Economies and Indigenous Encounters: The dialectics of conquest, hybridisation and production regimes (PDF, 337KB)Christopher Lloyd doi

Indigenous People and Settlers

  1. Before the Mission Station: From first encounters to the incorporation of settlers into Indigenous relations of obligation (PDF, 502KB)John M. White doi
  2. Tracking Wurnan: Transformations in the trade and exchange of resources in the northern Kimberley (PDF, 766KB)Anthony Redmond doi
  3. Camels and the Transformation of Indigenous Economic Landscapes (PDF, 1.6MB)Petronella Vaarzon-Morel doi
  4. ‘Always Anangu—always enterprising’ (PDF, 2.1MB)Alan O’Connor doi

Labour History and Stolen Wages

  1. ‘The Art of Cutting Stone’: Aboriginal convict labour in nineteenth-century New South Wales and Van Diemen’s Land (PDF, 597KB)Kristyn Harman doi
  2. Indigenous Workers on Methodist Missions in Arnhem Land: A skilled labour force lost (PDF, 875KB)Gwenda Baker doi
  3. Low Wages, Low Rents, and Pension Cheques: The introduction of equal wages in the Kimberley, 1968–1969 (PDF, 747KB)Fiona Skyring doi
  4. Aboriginal Workers, Aboriginal Poverty (PDF, 502KB)Ros Kidd doi
  5. Indigenous Peoples and Stolen Wages in Victoria, 1869–1957 (PDF, 750KB)Andrew Gunstone doi

Indigenous Enterprises and Employment Schemes

  1. Between Locals: Interpersonal histories and the 1970s Papunya art movement (PDF, 936KB)Peter Thorley and Andy Greenslade doi
  2. An Economy of Shells: A brief history of La Perouse Aboriginal women’s shell-work and its markets, 1880–2010 (PDF, 1.1MB)Maria Nugent doi
  3. Policy Mismatch and Indigenous Art Centres: The tension between economic independence and community development (PDF, 895KB)Gretchen Marie Stolte doi
  4. On Generating Culturally Sustainable Enterprises and Demand-Responsive Services in Remote Aboriginal Settings: A case study from north-west Queensland (PDF, 3.1MB)Paul Memmott doi
  5. Dugong Hunting as Changing Practice: Economic engagement and an Aboriginal ranger program on Mornington Island, southern Gulf of Carpentaria (PDF, 2.3MB)Cameo Dalley doi
  6. Environmental Conservation and Indigenous Development through Indigenous Protected Areas and Payments for Environmental Services: A review (PDF, 1.9MB)Nanni Concu doi