Natasha Fijn

Natasha Fijn

Natasha is a College of the Arts and Social Sciences Postdoctoral Research Fellow at The Australian National University. Natasha’s research engages with the exciting subdisciplines of visual anthropology and human-animal studies. Her ongoing interest is in cross-cultural perceptions and attitudes toward other animals; as well as the use of multimedia, particularly observational filmmaking, as an integral part of her research.  Natasha is involved in teaching courses within the Masters of Visual Culture Research Program at the ANU.  Within her current research she is exploring the connections between Aboriginal Australians and culturally significant animals in northeast Arnhem Land.


Humanities Research Journal Series: Volume XVIII. No. 1. 2012 »

Perspectives on Ethnographic Film

Edited by: Pip Deveson, Natasha Fijn
ISSN (print): 1440-0669
ISSN (online): 1834-8491
Publication date: November 2012

Indigenous Participation in Australian Economies II »

Historical engagements and current enterprises

Edited by: Natasha Fijn, Ian Keen, Christopher Lloyd, Michael Pickering
ISBN (print): 9781921862830
ISBN (online): 9781921862847
Publication date: July 2012