Expanding the Focus

Edited by: Manuhuia Barcham, Barry Hindess, Peter Larmour

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Recent years have seen an unprecedented rise in interest in the topic of corruption, resulting in a rising demand for suitable teaching materials. This edited collection brings together two different approaches to the study of corruption — the first represented by a large, practically-oriented literature devoted to identifying the causes of corruption, assessing its incidence and working out how to bring it under control; the second by a smaller collection of critical literature in political theory and intellectual history that addresses conceptual and historical issues concerned with how corruption should be, and how it has been, understood — and uses the second to reflect on the first.

This collection will be of interest to post-graduate students in political science, law, sociology, public policy and development studies, to senior public servants, and to professionals working in multilateral agencies, NGOs and the media.


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Publication date:
Sep 2012
ANU Press
Arts & Humanities: History; Law; Social Sciences: Development Studies, Politics & International Studies, Social Policy & Administration, Sociology
Australia; Pacific

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