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  1. Put not your faith in princes (or courts) – agreements made from asymmetrical power bases: the story of a promise made to Western Australia’s Aboriginal people (PDF, 172KB) Steven Churches
  2. National encounters between Indigenous and settler peoples: some Canadian lessons (PDF, 193KB) Ravi de Costa
  3. Doubts about the treaty (PDF, 117KB) Peter Read
  4. Reflections on the history of Indigenous people’s struggle for human rights in Australia – what role could a treaty play? (PDF, 132KB) William Jonas
  5. The political aspects of creating a treaty (PDF, 183KB) Roderic Pitty
  6. From enforceability to feel-good: notes on the prehistory of the recent treaty debate (PDF, 181KB) Tim Rowse
  7. The challenge for Australia: reconciling the treaty (PDF, 134KB) Sue Stanton
  8. A treaty for whom? (PDF, 81KB) Eddie Mabo Jnr
  9. What is a treaty? (PDF, 164KB) Michael Dodson
  10. Treaty: advancing reconciliation? (PDF, 138KB) The Hon David Malcolm AC
  11. International Human Rights: bases for Indigenous rights (PDF, 218KB) Garth Nettheim
  12. Consent: common law and native title (PDF, 122KB) Stephen W Robson
  13. ‘Treaty’: what’s in a name? (PDF, 118KB) The Hon Justice Michael Barker
  14. Customary Law and treaty (PDF, 104KB) The Hon Justice Ralph Simmonds
  15. Missed meanings: the language of sovereignty in the treaty debate (PDF, 161KB) Lisa Strelein
  16. Regional agreements, higher education and representations of Indigenous Australian reality (PDF, 160KB) Greg McConville
  17. Native title holding communities as treaty parties (PDF, 144KB) Greg McIntyre
  18. The Cape York view (PDF, 82KB) Richard Ah Mat