Peter Read

Peter Read is an ARC Professorial Fellow at the Department of History, University of Sydney, and Adjunct Professor, Department of History, ANU. Currently he is researching a history of Aboriginal Sydney, and is slowly building the website

Sin Descansar, En Mi Memoria

Sin Descansar, En Mi Memoria »

La lucha por la Creación de sitios de memoria en Chile desde la transición a la democracia

Authored by: Peter Read, Marivic Wyndham
ISBN (print): 9781760461690
ISBN (online): 9781760461706
Publication date: October 2017
Narrow But Endlessly Deep

Narrow But Endlessly Deep »

The struggle for memorialisation in Chile since the transition to democracy

Authored by: Peter Read, Marivic Wyndham
ISBN (print): 9781760460211
ISBN (online): 9781760460228
Publication date: June 2016

Aboriginal History Journal: Volume 33 »

Edited by: Peter Read
ISSN (print): 0314-8769
ISSN (online): 1837-9389
Publication date: April 2010

Indigenous Biography and Autobiography »

Edited by: Peter Read, Frances Peters-Little, Anna Haebich
ISBN (print): 9781921536342
ISBN (online): 9781921536359
Publication date: December 2008

What Good Condition? »

Reflections on an Australian Aboriginal Treaty 1986–2006

Edited by: Peter Read, Gary Meyers, Bob Reece
ISBN (print): 1 920942 90 4
ISBN (online): 1 920942 91 2
Publication date: December 2006

Origins, Ancestry and Alliance »

Explorations in Austronesian Ethnography

Edited by: James J. Fox, Clifford Sather
ISBN (print): 0 731524 32 2
ISBN (online): 1 920942 87 4
Publication date: October 2006