Asian Economic Integration in an Era of Global Uncertainty »

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  1. Overview and issues (PDF, 0.1MB)Shiro Armstrong and Tom Westland doi
  2. Asian economic integration: The state of play (PDF, 1.0MB)Mari Pangestu and Shiro Armstrong doi
  3. The global setting for Asian economic integration (PDF, 0.3MB)Pascal Lamy doi
  4. Decoupling Asia revisited (PDF, 2.4MB)Cyn-Young Park doi
  5. Financial liberalisation and trade: An examination of moving up value chains in the Asia–Pacific region (PDF, 0.4MB)Wendy Dobson and Tom Westland doi
  6. Evolution of production networks in the Asia–Pacific region: A vision in value-added and employment dimensions (PDF, 1.6MB) Hubert Escaith, Satoshi Inomata and Sébastien Miroudot doi
  7. The ASEAN Economic Community and the East Asian agenda (PDF, 0.5MB)Somkiat Tangkitvanich and Saowaruj Rattanakhamfu doi
  8. India’s Asian trade strategy (PDF, 0.2MB)Dhiraj Nayyar doi
  9. East Asia’s transformation and regional architecture (PDF, 0.3MB)Ponciano Intal, Jr doi
  10. Evaluation of regional economic integration in East Asia (PDF, 0.5MB)Shen Minghui doi