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  1. Introduction (PDF, 219KB)
  2. Hierarchy, Founder Ideology and Austronesian Expansion (PDF, 200KB)
  3. The Elder and the Younger — Foreign and Autochthonous Origin and Hierarchy in the Cook Islands (PDF, 174KB)
  4. Rank, Hierarchy and Routes of Migration: Chieftainship in the Central Caroline Islands of Micronesia (PDF, 194KB)
  5. “All Threads Are White”: Iban Egalitarianism Reconsidered (PDF, 318KB)
  6. Origin, Hierarchy and Egalitarianism Among the Mandaya of Southeast Mindanao, Philippines (PDF, 198KB)
  7. The Transformation of Progenitor Lines of Origin: Patterns of Precedence in Eastern Indonesia (PDF, 205KB)
  8. Origin Structures and Precedence in the Social Orders of Tana ’Ai and Sikka (PDF, 224KB)
  9. Precedence Among the Domains of the Three Hearth Stones (PDF, 223KB)
  10. The Founding of the House and the Source of Life: Two Complementary Origin Structures in Buru Society (PDF, 195KB)
  11. Histories of Diversity, Hierarchies of Unity: The Politics of Origins in a South-West Moluccan Village (PDF, 213KB)
  12. Rivals and Wives: Affinal Politics and the Tongan Ramage (PDF, 493KB)
  13. The Politics of Marriage and the Marriage of Polities in Gowa, South Sula Wesi, During the 16th and 17th Centuries (PDF, 301KB)
  14. The Cultural Construction of Rank, Identity and Ethnic Origins in the Sulu Archipelago (PDF, 169KB)