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Indigenous Australia

  1. A Different Mode of Exchange: The Mamurrng Ceremony of Western Arnhem Land (PDF, 1.4MB)Reuben Brown doi
  2. Warlpiri Ritual Contexts as Imaginative Spaces for Exploring Traditional Gender Roles (PDF, 0.4MB)Georgia Curran doi
  3. Form and Performance: The Relations of Melody, Poetics, and Rhythm in Dhalwangu Manikay (PDF, 0.7MB)Peter G. Toner doi
  4. Alyawarr Women’s Rain Songs (PDF, 1.2MB)Myfany Turpin, Richard Moyle and Eileen Kemarr Bonney doi
  5. Singing with a Distinctive Voice: Comparative Musical Analysis and the Central Australian Musical Style in the Kimberley (PDF, 1.2MB)Sally Treloyn doi
  6. Turning the Colonial Tide: Working towards a Reconciled Ethnomusicology in Australia (PDF, 0.2MB)Elizabeth Mackinlay and Katelyn Barney doi

Pacific Islands and Beyond

  1. Chanting Diplomacy: Music, Conflict, and Social Cohesion in Micronesia (PDF, 0.6MB)Brian Diettrich doi
  2. Songs for Distance, Dancing to Be Connected: Bonding Memories of the Ogasawara Islands (PDF, 0.9MB)Masaya Shishikura doi
  3. The Politics of the Baining Fire Dance (PDF, 0.6MB)Naomi Faik-Simet doi
  4. Touristic Encounters: Imag(in)ing Tahiti and Its Performing Arts (PDF, 1.2MB)Jane Freeman Moulin doi
  5. Heritage and Place: Kate Fagan’s Diamond Wheel and Nancy Kerr’s Twice Reflected Sun (PDF, 0.4MB)Jill Stubington doi
  6. Living in Hawai‘i: The Pleasures and Rewards of Hawaiian Music for an ‘Outsider’ Ethnomusicologist (PDF, 0.2MB)Ricardo D. Trimillos doi

Archiving and Academia

  1. Protecting Our Shadow: Repatriating Ancestral Recordings to the Lihir Islands, Papua New Guinea (PDF, 1.5MB)Kirsty Gillespie doi
  2. The History of the ‘Ukulele ‘Is Today’ (PDF, 1.2MB) – Gisa Jähnichen doi
  3. ‘Never Seen It Before’: The Earliest Reports and Resulting Confusion about the Hagen Courting Dance (PDF, 0.5MB)Don Niles doi
  4. Capturing Music and Dance in an Archive: A Meditation on Imprisonment (PDF, 0.2MB)Adrienne L. Kaeppler doi
  5. Some Comments on the Gradual Inclusion of Musics beyond the Western Canon by Selected Universities and Societies (PDF, 0.2MB)Barbara B. Smith doi
  6. Ethnomusicology in Australia and New Zealand: A Trans-Tasman Identity? (PDF, 0.3MB)Dan Bendrups and Henry Johnson doi