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Editors’ Introduction (PDF, 124KB)


Shino Konishi ‘Inhabited by a race of formidable giants’: French Explorers, Aborigines, and the Endurance of the Fantastic in the Great South Land, 1803 View (PDF, 142KB)
Kevin Murray Keys to the South View (PDF, 725KB)
Stephen Muecke Cultural Studies’ Networking Strategies in the South View (PDF, 133KB)
Raewyn Connell Extracts from Southern Theory: The global dynamics of knowledge in social science View (PDF, 168KB)
Margaret Jolly The South in Southern Theory: Antipodean Reflections on the Pacific View (PDF, 2.9MB)


Reviewed by David Carter The Book is Dead (Long Live the Book), by Sherman Young View (PDF, 126KB)
Reviewed by Paul Gillen The Ways of the Bushwalker: On Foot in Australia, by Melissa Harper View (PDF, 123KB)
Reviewed by Anne Maxwell Speaking Truth to Power: Public Intellectuals Rethink New Zealand, edited by Laurence Simmons, and Edward Said: The Legacy of a Public Intellectual, edited by Ned Curthoys and Debjani Ganguly View (PDF, 132KB)
Reviewed by Emily Potter Slicing the Silence: Voyaging to Antarctica, by Tom Griffiths View (PDF, 123KB)

Eco-Humanities Corner

Emily Potter and Paul Starr Australia and the New Geographies of Climate Change View (PDF, 127KB)
Val Plumwood Shadow Places and the Politics of Dwelling View (PDF, 128KB)
Val Plumwood (1939-2008) View (PDF, 81KB)