Reading Embraced by Australia

Reading Embraced by Australia

Hiroshima Modules 1 and 2

Authored by: Carol Hayes, Yuki Itani-Adams
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Hiroshima Modules 1 and 2 provide a first-hand account of surviving Hiroshima's atomic bomb.

This eText is the first volume of an advanced Japanese language comprehension series aimed firstly at improving Japanese language skills, and secondly at introducing readers to a first-hand account of Australia and Japan’s shared WWII and post-WWII history. Made up of two modules, this eText includes audio recordings of the text, movie files of recorded interviews with Teruko Blair and interactive comprehension quiz questions to help readers engage with the Japanese text.

The story is drawn from war bride and Hiroshima survivor Mrs Teruko Blair's 1991 Japanese memoir, Embraced by Australia (『オーストラリアに抱かれて』), published by Asahi TV Press.

Hiroshima Modules 1 and 2 take readers on a journey behind the eyes of then 20-year-old Teruko. Module 1 covers only a few days in Teruko’s life, in the lead up to the bombing, the horrific impact of the bomb and how she and her family just managed to escape the black rain. Module 2 continues on from Module 1, describing how Teruko and her family survived by managing to escape across the Ōta River to a friend’s farm. The story ends with the survival of all four children and both their parents, which is nothing short of miraculous.


ISBN (online):
Publication date:
Dec 2016
ANU Press Languages
Arts & Humanities: Cultural Studies, History, Modern Languages; Social Sciences: Education & Training
Australia; East Asia: Japan

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