New Directions in Archaeological Science

New Directions in Archaeological Science

Edited by: Andrew Fairbairn, Sue O'Connor orcid, Ben Marwick

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Archaeological Science meetings will have a personality of their own depending on the focus of the host archaeological fraternity itself. The 8th Australasian Archaeometry meeting follows this pattern but underlying the regional emphasis is the continuing concern for the processes of change in the landscape that simultaneously effect and illuminate the archaeological record. These are universal themes for any archaeological research with the increasing employment of science-based studies proving to be a key to understanding the place of humans as subjects and agents of change over time.

This collection of refereed papers covers the thematic fields of geoarchaeology, archaeobotany, materials analysis and chronometry, with particular emphasis on the first two. The editors Andrew Fairbairn, Sue O’Connor and Ben Marwick outline the special value of these contributions in the introduction. The international nature of archaeological science will mean that the advances set out in these papers will find a receptive audience among many archaeologists elsewhere. There is no doubt that the story that Australasian archaeology has to tell has been copiously enriched by incorporating a widening net of advanced science-based studies. This has brought attention to the nature of the environment as a human artefact, a fact now more widely appreciated, and archaeology deals with these artefacts, among others, in this way in this publication.


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Feb 2009
Terra Australis 28
ANU Press
Terra Australis
Arts & Humanities: Archaeology

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  1. Assessing the frequency distribution of radiocarbon determinations from the archaeological record of the Late Holocene in western NSW, Australia (PDF, 1.1MB)Simon J. Holdaway, Patricia C. Fanning and Judith Littleton doi
  2. Heat-retainer hearth identification as a component of archaeological survey in western NSW, Australia (PDF, 2.0MB)Patricia C. Fanning, Simon J. Holdaway and Rebecca S. Phillipps doi
  3. Persistent places: An approach to the interpretation of assemblage variation in deflated surface stone artefact distributions from western New South Wales, Australia (PDF, 721KB)Justin Shiner doi
  4. Developing methods for recording surface artefacts on nineteenth and twentieth century sites in Australia (PDF, 812KB)Samantha Bolton doi
  5. Late Quaternary environments and human occupation in the Murray River Valley of northwestern Victoria (PDF, 3.0MB)A. L. Prendergast, J. M. Bowler and M. L. Cupper doi
  6. Seeing red: The use of a biological stain to identify cooked and processed/damaged starch grains in archaeological residues (PDF, 3.1MB)Jenna Weston doi
  7. Initial tests on the three-dimensional movement of starch in sediments (PDF, 592KB)Michael Haslam doi
  8. Re-viewing raphides: Issues with the identification and interpretation of calcium oxalate crystals in microfossil assemblages (PDF, 974KB)Alison Crowther doi
  9. Archaeobotany of Sos Höyük, northeast Turkey (PDF, 1.1MB)Catherine Longford, Andrew Drinnan and Antonio Sagona doi
  10. Amulti-disciplinary method for the investigation of early agriculture: Learning lessons from Kuk (PDF, 985KB)Tim Denham, Simon Haberle and Alain Pierret doi
  11. Dating marine shell in Oceania: Issues and prospects (PDF, 817KB)Fiona Petchey doi
  12. Examining Late Holocene marine reservoir effect in archaeological fauna at Hope Inlet, Beagle Gulf, north Australia (PDF, 1.8MB)Patricia Bourke and Quan Hua doi
  13. Archaeological surfaces in western NSW: Stratigraphic contexts and preliminary OSL dating of hearths (PDF, 1.5MB)Edward J. Rhodes, Patricia Fanning, Simon Holdaway and Cynthja Bolton doi
  14. HPLC-MS characterisation of adsorbed residues from Early Iron Age ceramics, Gordion, Central Anatolia (PDF, 562KB)Todd Craig, Peter Grave and Stephen Glover doi
  15. Melting Moments: Modelling archaeological high temperature ceramic data (PDF, 1.6MB)Peter Grave doi
  16. New approaches for integrating palaeomagnetic and mineral magnetic methods to answer archaeological and geological questions on Stone Age sites (PDF, 1.8MB)Andy I. R. Herries doi
  17. The role of the conservator in the preservation of megafaunal bone from the excavations at Cuddie Springs, NSW (PDF, 1.4MB)Colin Macgregor doi

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