Debating Lapita

Debating Lapita

Distribution, Chronology, Society and Subsistence

Edited by: Stuart Bedford orcid, Matthew Spriggs orcid

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‘This volume is the most comprehensive review of Lapita research to date, tackling many of the lingering questions regarding origin and dispersal. Multidisciplinary in nature with a focus on summarising new findings, but also identifying important gaps that can help direct future research.’
— Professor Scott Fitzpatrick, Department of Anthropology, University of Oregon

‘This substantial volume offers a welcome update on the definition of the Lapita culture. It significantly refreshes the knowledge on this foundational archaeological culture of the Pacific Islands in providing new data on sites and assemblages, and new discussions of hypotheses previously proposed.’
— Dr Frédérique Valentin, Centre national de la recherche scientifique (CNRS), Paris

This volume comprises 23 chapters that focus on the archaeology of Lapita, a cultural horizon associated with the founding populations who first colonised much of the south west Pacific some 3000 years ago. The Lapita culture has been most clearly defined by its distinctive dentate-stamped decorated pottery and the design system represented on it and on further incised pots. Modern research now encompasses a whole range of aspects associated with Lapita and this is reflected in this volume. The broad overlapping themes of the volume—Lapita distribution and chronology, society and subsistence—relate to research questions that have long been debated in relation to Lapita.


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Terra Australis 52
ANU Press
Terra Australis
Arts & Humanities: Archaeology, History

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