Man Bac

Man Bac

The Excavation of a Neolithic Site in Northern Vietnam

Edited by: Marc F. Oxenham orcid, Hirofumi Matsumura, Nguyen Kim Dung

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The site of Man Bac in the Red River Delta of Vietnam, one of the most meticulously excavated and carefully analysed of Southeast Asian archaeological sites in the past few years, is emerging as a key site in the region. This book carefully analyses the human and animal remains and puts them into context. The authors describe in detail the health status, the unusual demographic profile and the interestingly divergent affinities of the cemetery population, and discuss their meaning, particularly in association with evidence for the use of marine and terrestrial animal resources; they argue convincingly that the site documents a time when the face of the region’s population was undergoing a fundamental shift, associated with a changing economic subsistence base. Physical anthropologists and archaeologists have argued for years over the timeline, the manner and the very nature of Southeast Asian population history, and this book is essential reading in this debate. Two supporting appendices describe the individual remains in detail.


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Publication date:
May 2011
Terra Australis 33
ANU Press
Terra Australis
Arts & Humanities: Archaeology; Social Sciences: Anthropology
Southeast Asia: Vietnam

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  1. Introduction: Man Bac Biological Research Objectives (PDF, 238KB)Hirofumi Matsumura and Marc F. Oxenham doi
  2. The Demographic Profile of the Man Bac Cemetery Sample (PDF, 199KB)Kate M. Domett and Marc F. Oxenham doi
  3. Quantitative Cranio-Morphology at Man Bac (PDF, 254KB)Hirofumi Matsumura doi
  4. Qualitative Cranio-Morphology at Man Bac (PDF, 159KB)Yukio Dodo doi
  5. Quantitative and Qualitative Dental-Morphology at Man Bac (PDF, 231KB)Hirofumi Matsumura doi
  6. Quantitative Limb Bone-Morphology at Man Bac (PDF, 213KB)Hirofumi Matsumura, Wataru Takigawa, Nguyen Kim Thuy and Nguyen Anh Tuan doi
  7. Palaeohealth at Man Bac (PDF, 212KB)Marc F. Oxenham and Kate M. Domett doi
  8. Mitochondrial DNA of Human Remains at Man Bac (PDF, 159KB)Ken-ichi Shinoda doi
  9. Faunal Remains at Man Bac (PDF, 207KB)Junmei Sawada, Nguyen Kim Thuy and Nguyen Anh Tuan doi
  10. Fish Remains at Man Bac (PDF, 247KB)Takeji Toizumi, Nguyen Kim Thy and Junmei Sawada doi
  11. Man Bac: Regional, Cultural and Temporal Context (PDF, 105KB)Marc F. Oxenham and Hirofumi Matsumura doi

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