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Foundations of information systems theory and research

  1. Towards an understanding of theory (PDF, 245KB) Shirley Gregor
  2. The development of ‘grand’ theory (PDF, 124KB) Douglas Hamilton
  3. The reality of information systems research (PDF, 157KB) John Lamp and Simon Milton
  4. Qualitative research in information systems (PDF, 147KB) M. Gordon Hunter

Research methods, reference theories and information systems

  1. Issues and design (PDF, 865KB) Walter D. Fernandez
  2. The Denver International Airport Baggage Handling System (PDF, 193KB) Stasys Lukaitis and Jacod Cybulski
  3. Institutional facts (PDF, 142KB) Robert M. Colomb
  4. A fresh approach to IS/IT gender research? (PDF, 166KB) Phyl Webb and Judy Young
  5. Reflection in self-organised systems (PDF, 657KB) Maureen Lynch and Carmen Joham
  6. Strategic knowledge sharing (PDF, 246KB) Mike Metcalfe
  7. Explaining organisational change (PDF, 847KB) Doy Sundarasaradula and Helen Hasan

Linking information systems theory and practice

  1. Research as an information systems domain (PDF, 305KB) Craig McDonald
  2. A procedural model for ontological analyses (PDF, 426KB) Michael Roseman, Peter Green and Marta Indulska
  3. Lessons learned from manual systems (PDF, 4.1MB) Simon K. Milton, Robert B. Johnston and Reeva M. Lederman
  4. Conversations at the electronic frontier (PDF, 194KB) Douglas Hamilton