China's Dilemma

China's Dilemma

Economic Growth, the Environment and Climate Change

Edited by: Ligang Song orcid, Wing Thye Woo

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China’s Dilemma—Economic Growth, the Environment and Climate Change examines the challenges China will have to confront in order to maintain rapid growth while coping with the global financial turbulence, some rising socially destabilising tensions such as income inequality, an over-exploited environment and the long-term pressures of global warming.

China’s Dilemma discusses key questions that will have an impact on China’s growth path and offers some in-depth analyses as to how China could confront these challenges. The authors address the effect of the global credit crunch and financial shocks on China’s economic growth; China’s contribution to greenhouse gas emissions and emissions reduction schemes; the environmental consequences of foreign direct investment in China; the relationship between air pollution and mortality; the effect of climate change on agricultural output; the coal industry’s compliance with tougher regulations; and the constraints water shortages may impose on China’s economy. It also emphasises the importance of managing the rising demand for energy to moderate oil price increases and placating domestic and international concerns about global warming.

In the thirty years since China started on the path of reform, it has emerged as one of the largest and most dynamic economies in the world. This carries with it the responsibility to balance the requirements of key industries that are driving its development with the need to ensure that its growth is both equitable and sustainable. China’s Dilemma highlights key lessons learned from the past thirty years of reform in order to pave the way for balanced and sustained growth in the future.


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Jul 2008
ANU Press
China Update Series
Asia Pacific Press
Business & Economics; Social Sciences: Politics & International Studies, Social Policy & Administration
East Asia: China

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  1. China’s dilemmas in the 21st Century (PDF, 144KB)Ligang Song and Wing Thye Woo doi

Part I Economic growth: determinants and prospects

  1. Will China fall into stagflation? (PDF, 194KB)Yiping Huang doi
  2. American and European financial shocks: implications for Chinese economic performance (PDF, 378KB)Rod Tyers and Iain Bain doi
  3. Global production sharing and US-China trade relations (PDF, 412KB)Prema-chandra Athukorala and Nobuaki Yamashita doi
  4. Rebalancing equity and efficiency for sustained growth (PDF, 194KB)Justin Yifu Lin doi
  5. Rural—urban migrants: a driving force for growth (PDF, 695KB)Xiaodong Gong, Sherry Tao Kong, Shi Li and Xin Meng doi
  6. Rethinking thirty years of reform in China: implications for economic performance (PDF, 169KB)Xiaolu Wang doi

Part II Impact of environment degradation and climate change

  1. China’s rapid emissions growth and global climate change policy (PDF, 302KB)Ross Garnaut, Frank Jotzo and Stephen Howes doi
  2. China can grow and still help prevent the tragedy of the CO2 commons (PDF, 344KB)Warwick McKibbin, Peter J. Wilcoxen and Wing Thye Woo doi
  3. The political economy of emissions reduction in China: are incentives for low carbon growth compatible? (PDF, 535KB)Cai Fang and Du Yang doi
  4. The environmental consequences of foreign direct investment in China (PDF, 245KB)Qun Bao, Yuanyuan Chen and Ligang Song doi
  5. The impact of global warming on Chinese wheat productivity (PDF, 246KB)Liangzhi You, Mark W. Rosegrant, Cheng Fang and Stanley Wood doi
  6. Understanding the water crisis in northern China: how do farmers and the government respond? (PDF, 251KB)Jinxia Wang, Jikun Huang, Scott Rozelle, Qiuqiong Huang and Lijuan Zhang doi
  7. The impact of air pollution on mortality in Shanghai (PDF, 233KB)Health and Mortality Transition in Shanghai Project Research Team doi

Part III Energy use, the environment and future trends

  1. Energy and environment in China (PDF, 335KB)Kejun Jiang and Xiulian Hu doi
  2. Chinese urban household energy requirements and CO2 emissions (PDF, 431KB)Jane Golley, Dominic Meagher and Xin Meng doi
  3. Can China’s coal industry be reconciled with the environment? (PDF, 447KB)Xunpeng Shi doi
  4. Emissions and economic development: must China choose? (PDF, 352KB)Peter Sheehan and Fiona Sun doi

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