A Grammar of Nese

A Grammar of Nese

Authored by: Lana Grelyn Takau

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Nese is a dying Oceanic language spoken on the island of Malekula, in northern Vanuatu. This book, based on first-hand fieldwork data, and without adhering to any particular syntactic framework, presents a synchronic grammatical description of Nese’s phonology and syntax. Despite being on the verge of extinction, with fewer than 20 living speakers, the language displays intriguing properties—including but not exclusive to the cross-linguistically rare apicolabial phonemes, interesting vowel-raising patterns in some word classes, and a discontinuous negation relationship that is obligatorily expressed with the irrealis mood marker. This book will probably be the last work published on Nese.


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Aug 2023
ANU Press
Asia-Pacific Linguistics
Arts & Humanities: Linguistics
Pacific: Vanuatu

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  1. Introduction (PDF, 2.3MB) doi
  2. Phonology (PDF, 0.6MB) doi
  3. Word classes (PDF, 0.4MB) doi
  4. The noun phrase (PDF, 0.6MB) doi
  5. The verb complex (PDF, 0.4MB) doi
  6. Simple sentences (PDF, 0.4MB) doi
  7. Complex sentences (PDF, 0.4MB) doi

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