NGOs and Post-Conflict Recovery

The Leitana Nehan Women’s Development Agency, Bougainville
Edited by:
  • Helen Hakena
  • Peter Ninnes
  • Bert Jenkins
ISBN (print): 0 7315 3745 9
ISBN (online): 1 9209 4218 1
Publication date: April 2006
Imprint: ANU Press

When government services have broken down or when international nongovernment organisations are uninterested or unable to help, grassroots non-government organisations provide important humanitarian, educational and advocacy services. Yet, too often the story of the crucial role played by these organisations in conflict and post-conflict recovery goes unheard.

The Leitana Nehan Women’s Development Agency provides many salutary lessons for grassroots non-government organisations undertaking peacemaking and peace-building work. In the thirteen years of its existence, it has contributed humanitarian assistance, provided education programs on peace, gender issues and community development, and has become a powerful advocate for women’s and children’s rights at all levels of society. Its work has been recognised through the award of a United Nations’ Millennium Peace Price in 2000 and a Pacific Peace Prize in 2004.

This book makes a unique contribution to understanding the role of nongovernment organisations in promoting peace and development and gender issues in the South West Pacific.