Australian Humanities Review: Issue 45, 2008

Australian Humanities Review: Issue 45, 2008

Australian Humanities Review: Issue 45, 2008Edited by: Monique Rooney, Russell Smith

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Australian Humanities Review is a peer-reviewed interdisciplinary journal featuring articles, essays and reviews focusing on a wide array of topics related to literature, culture, history and politics.


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Nov 2008
ANU Press
Australian Humanities Review
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Editors’ Introduction (PDF, 123KB)


Guy Redden From RAE to ERA: research evaluation at work in the corporate university View (PDF, 150KB)

Special Section: Rural Cultural Studies

David Carter, Kate Darian-Smith and Andrew Gorman-Murray Introduction View (PDF, 129KB)
Andrew Gorman-Murray, Kate Darian-Smith and Chris Gibson Scaling the Rural: Reflections on Rural Cultural Studies View (PDF, 145KB)
Phil McManus and John Connell Country Week: Bringing the City to the Country? View (PDF, 135KB)
Deb Anderson Drought, Endurance and ‘The Way Things Were’: The Lived Experience of Climate and Climate Change in the Mallee View (PDF, 140KB)
Kate Bowles Rural Cultural Research: Notes from a Small Country Town View (PDF, 136KB)

Special Section: Marketing Asian-Australianness

Olivia Khoo Introduction View (PDF, 106KB)
Tom Cho ‘No One Puts Baby in a Corner’: Inserting My Self into the Text View (PDF, 116KB)
Simone Lazaroo Not Just Another Migrant Story View (PDF, 128KB)
Merlinda Bobis ‘Voice-Niche-Brand’: Marketing Asian-Australianness View (PDF, 117KB)

Book Reviews

Reviewed by Aidan Davison Patriots: Defending Australia’s Natural Heritage by William Lines View (PDF, 124KB)
Reviewed by Caroline Hamilton This Crazy Thing a Life: Australian Jewish Autobiography by Richard Freadman View (PDF, 120KB)
Reviewed by Melissa Harper Being Australian: Narratives of National Identity by Catriona Elder View (PDF, 119KB)
Reviewed by Fiona Jenkins Judith Butler: Live Theory by Vicki Kirby View (PDF, 136KB)

The Ecological Humanities

Deborah Rose Introduction View (PDF, 57KB)
Jessica Weir Connectivity View (PDF, 129KB)
Jinki Trevillian Talking with Ghosts: A Meeting with Old Man Crocodile on Cape York Peninsula View (PDF, 135KB)
Mary Graham Some Thoughts about the Philosophical Underpinnings of Aboriginal Worldviews View (PDF, 134KB)



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