Aboriginal History Journal: Volume 37

Aboriginal History Journal: Volume 37

Edited by: Shino Konishi
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In this volume, Tracey Banivanua Mar’s analysis of three moments of Indigenous protest in Tahiti, Victoria and New Zealand presents a new transnational history of indigenous political agency in the 1840s. In his study of British explorers’ encounters with Indigenous people in Queensland, Michael Davis analyses the interplay and connections between Indigenous knowledge and western ideas about the local environments. Liz Conor offers a fresh perspective on our understandings of cross-cultural gender relations by tracing the ‘black velvet’ trope, which characterised settler ideas about Aboriginal women in Northern. John Maynard’s study of Percy Haslam, an amateur enthusiast of the Awabakal language and culture, whose records have enabled the revitalisation of the local language. Colin Dyer has contributed a new resource for researchers by translating the nineteenth-century French traveller, Eugène Delessert’s observations of Aboriginal people and culture, based on his visit to Sydney in 1844–45. There is an obituary of the highly respected South Australian elder Thomas Edwin Trevorrow.

Aboriginal History Inc. is a publishing organisation based in the Australian Centre for Indigenous History, Research School of Social Sciences, The Australian National University, Canberra.

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Dec 2013
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Aboriginal History Journal
Aboriginal History
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