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  1. Foreign Bodies in Oceania (PDF, 967KB) Bronwen Douglas

Part One — Emergence: Thinking the Science of Race, 1750–1880

  1. Climate to Crania: science and the racialization of human difference (PDF, 660KB) Bronwen Douglas

Part Two — Experience: the Science of Race and Oceania, 1750–1869

  1. ‘Novus Orbis Australis’ (PDF, 1.9MB): Oceania in the science of race, 1750–1850 Bronwen Douglas
  2. ‘Oceanic Negroes’: British anthropology of Papuans, 1820–1869 (PDF, 2.0MB) Chris Ballard

Part Three — Consolidation: the Science of Race and Aboriginal Australians, 1860–1885

  1. British Anthropological Thought in Colonial Practice: the appropriation of Indigenous Australian bodies, 1860–1880 (PDF, 164KB) Paul Turnbull
  2. ‘Three Living Australians’ and the Société d’Anthropologie de Paris, 1885 (PDF, 602KB) Stephanie Anderson

Part Four — Complicity and Challenge: the Science of Race and Evangelical Humanism, 1800–1930

  1. The ‘Faculty of Faith’: Evangelical missionaries, social anthropologists, and the claim for human unity in the 19th century (PDF, 166KB) Helen Gardner
  2. ‘White Man’s Burden’, ‘White Man’s Privilege’: Christian humanism and racial determinism in Oceania, 1890–1930 (PDF, 689KB) Christine Weir

Part Five — Zenith: Colonial Contradictions and the Chimera of Racial Purity, 1920–1940

  1. The Half-Caste in Australia, New Zealand, and Western Samoa between the Wars: different problem, different places? (PDF, 914KB) Vicki Luker