Food and Agriculture in Papua New Guinea

Food and Agriculture in Papua New Guinea

Edited by: R. Michael Bourke, Tracy Harwood

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Agriculture dominates the rural economy of Papua New Guinea (PNG). More than five million rural dwellers (80% of the population) earn a living from subsistence agriculture and selling crops in domestic and international markets.

Many aspects of agriculture in PNG are described in this data-rich book. Topics include agricultural environments in which crops are grown; production of food crops, cash crops and animals; land use; soils; demography; migration; the macro-economic environment; gender issues; governance of agricultural institutions; and transport. The history of agriculture over the 50 000 years that PNG has been occupied by humans is summarised. Much of the information presented is not readily available within PNG. The book contains results of many new analyses, including a food budget for the entire nation. The text is supported by 165 tables and 215 maps and figures.


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Aug 2009
ANU Press
Arts & Humanities: Cultural Studies, History; Science: Agriculture & Forestry, Geography; Social Sciences: Gender Studies, Social Policy & Administration
Pacific: Papua New Guinea

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  1. People, Land and Environment (PDF, 11.0MB)Bryant Allen and R. Michael Bourke doi
  2. Food Production, Consumption and Imports (PDF, 478KB)R. Michael Bourke, John Gibson, Alan Quartermain, Kate Barclay, Bryant Allen and Jean Kennedy doi
  3. Village Food Production Systems (PDF, 18.3MB)R. Michael Bourke and Bryant Allen doi
  4. The Broader Economy (PDF, 225KB)Andrew McGregor and R. Michael Bourke doi
  5. Cash Income from Agriculture (PDF, 7.2MB)Matthew Allen, R. Michael Bourke and Andrew McGregor doi
  6. Agricultural Development, Policies and Governance (PDF, 5.5MB)Bryant Allen doi

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