Dilemmas of Development

Dilemmas of Development

The social and economic impact of the Porgera gold mine

Edited by: Colin Filer orcid

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The Porgera gold mine in the Highlands of Papua New Guinea is technically one of the most sophisticated and successful mines of recent times. In its second year of operations (1992) it was the third largest gold producing mine in the world. Socially, though, the mine has brought a range of massive changes for the local Ipili community-both positive and negative.

Dilemmas of Development is a record of a series of studies of the social and economic effects of the Porgerta mine, commissioned by the Porgera Joint Vemture (PJV).


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Dec 2012
First published by Asia Pacific Press
ANU Press
Business & Economics; Social Sciences: Sociology
Pacific: Papua New Guinea

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  1. Introduction (PDF, 884KB)Colin Filer doi
  2. Social change in the Porgera Valley (PDF, 3.4MB)Susanne Bonnell doi
  3. The economic impact of the mine (PDF, 1.9MB)Glenn Banks doi
  4. The landowner relocation programme (PDF, 1.5MB)Susanne Bonnell doi
  5. Gardens and wantoks (PDF, 1.5MB)Glenn Banks doi
  6. The next round of relocation (PDF, 1.4MB)Glenn Banks doi
  7. Business as unusual (PDF, 1.8MB)Glenn Banks doi
  8. Porgera-whence and whither? (PDF, 1.1MB)Aletta Biersack doi
  9. Evidence of the ‘new competencies’? (PDF, 1.1MB)John Burton doi

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