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Dictatorship, Disorder and Decline in Myanmar »

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  1. Overview (PDF, 123KB)

Political Update

  1. The dramatic events of 2007 in Myanmar: domestic and international implications (PDF, 161KB)
  2. Internal dynamics of the Burmese military: before, during and after the 2007 demonstrations (PDF, 149KB)

Economic Update

  1. Myanmar’s GDP growth and investment: lessons from a historical perspective (PDF, 171KB)
  2. Migrant-worker remittances and Burma: an economic analysis of survey results (PDF, 398KB)
  3. Myanmar’s economic relations with China: who benefits and who pays? (PDF, 257KB)

Education and Health Update

  1. Myanmar education: challenges, prospects and options (PDF, 153KB)
  2. Evolving education in Myanmar: the interplay of state, business and the community (PDF, 156KB)
  3. The (re)-emergence of civil society in areas of state weakness: the case of education in Burma/Myanmar (PDF, 173KB)
  4. Islamic education in Myanmar: a case study (PDF, 159KB)
  5. Contemporary medical pluralism in Burma (PDF, 163KB)
  6. Health security among internally displaced and vulnerable populations in eastern Burma (PDF, 234KB)