Dealing with Uncertainties in Policing Serious Crime

Dealing with Uncertainties in Policing Serious Crime

Edited by: Gabriele Bammer orcid

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Grappling with uncertainties is at the heart of investigating serious crime. At a time when such crime is becoming more complex and resources are increasingly stretched, this book draws together research and practice perspectives to review fruitful approaches to uncertainties and to chart the way forward. Scene setting chapters describe the consequences of globalisation and the spread of sophisticated information technologies (Sue Wilkinson), as well as advances in understanding and managing uncertainty (Michael Smithson). Ways of enhancing responses from statistics (Robyn Attewell), risk analysis (Richard Jarrett and Mark Westcott) and the psychology of decision making (Mark Kebbell, Damon Muller and Kirsty Martin) follow. These are complemented by insights from law (the Hon. Tim Carmody SC), politics (the Hon. Carmen Lawrence) and business (Neil Fargher), which all have significant intersections with policing. Synthesis is provided by the four final chapters which present the outlooks of the investigating officer and investigation manager (Peter Martin), the provider of policing higher education (Tracey Green and Greg Linsdell), the capacity-building consultant (Steve Longford), and the leader of a law enforcement agency (Alastair Milroy).


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May 2010
ANU Press
Law; Social Sciences: Politics & International Studies, Sociology

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Dealing with Uncertainties in Policing Serious Crime »

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Setting the Scene

  1. The Modern Policing Environment (PDF, 145KB)Sue Wilkinson doi
  2. Understanding Uncertainty (PDF, 1.0MB)Michael Smithson doi

Enhancing Accepted Approaches

  1. Can Statistics Help? (PDF, 195KB)Robyn G Attewell doi
  2. Quantitative Risk (PDF, 356KB)Richard Jarrett and Mark Westcott doi
  3. Understanding and Managing Bias (PDF, 150KB)Mark R Kebbell, Damon A Muller and Kirsty Martin doi

Insights from Adjunct Areas

  1. Criminal Law (PDF, 161KB)Hon. Tim Carmody SC doi
  2. Politics (PDF, 155KB)Hon. Carmen Lawrence doi
  3. Business (PDF, 148KB)Neil Fargher doi

Commentaries from Practice

  1. The Investigating Officer and the Investigation Manager (PDF, 179KB)Peter Martin doi
  2. Higher Education in Policing (PDF, 197KB)Tracey Green and Greg Linsdell doi
  3. Consultancy to Build Capacity in Dealing with Uncertainty in Law Enforcement (PDF, 370KB)Steve Longford doi
  4. Law Enforcement Agencies which Respond to Nationally Significant Crime (PDF, 199KB)Alastair M Milroy doi

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