Sue Feary

Sue Feary is an archaeologist with more than 30 years experience in managing cultural and natural heritage and working with Indigenous Australians. From the mid-1980s she was employed by the then NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service as a cultural heritage manager responsible for providing specialist advice  on conservation of Aboriginal and historic heritage in southeastern Australia. 

Sue was the first chair of a cultural heritage working group, one of several working groups established under the 1986 Memorandum of Understanding for cooperative management of national parks in the Australian Alps, stretching across NSW, Victoria and ACT.  She assisted in organising a major conference on the cultural heritage of the Australian Alps held in 1991.

In 1994, Sue was seconded to the then Australian Heritage Commission to be part of a team investigating the social and cultural values of native forests to local communities in Victoria and Western Australia. On returning to NPWS  Sue became a field based Area Manager on the NSW south coast responsible for managing the newly declared marine and national parks at Jervis Bay as well as oversighting many new protected areas in the  local area, emerging from the Regional Forest Agreement process.

During her career Sue developed a particular interest in Indigenous people’s traditional and contemporary connections with the forested environment and in 2007 she completed a PhD on this topic in the Fenner School at the Australian National University.  She was a member of an International Task Force on Traditional Forest Knowledge and co-edited a book on this subject.

Sue’s work experience has enabled an appreciation of both the differences and the synergies of western style nature conservation and Indigenous notions of caring for country and how it can contribute to the reconciliation process in Australia.

Currently Sue is a consultant archaeologist doing mainly heritage assessments but also large collaborative projects with an anthropologist and Aboriginal communities, such as assessing the Aboriginal values of the NSW marine environment and documenting the names and locations of the ancestors in a large historic Aboriginal cemetery.

Gouvernance et gestion des aires protégées »

Le livre “Gouvernance et gestion des aires protégées” est une compilation de textes originaux, d'études de cas et d'exemples du monde entier. Il s’appuie sur une vaste littérature et sur les connaissances et l'expérience de nombreux acteurs des aires protégées. Ces derniers y présentent les connaissances actuelles et les idées innovantes des diverses branches de la gouvernance et de la gestion des aires protégées. Ce livre constitue un investissement dans les compétences et les connaissances des hommes et, par conséquent, dans la gouvernance et la gestion des aires protégées dont ces hommes sont responsables. Le succès mondial du concept d'aire protégée réside dans la dualité de sa vision : protéger, sur le long terme, à la fois le patrimoine naturel et le patrimoine. Les organisations telles que l'Union internationale pour la conservation de la nature sont une force unificatrice à cet égard. Cependant, les aires protégées restent un phénomène sociopolitique et la façon dont elles sont comprises, gérées et gouvernée par les États peut toujours être le sujet de débats et de contestations. Ainsi, ce livre cherche à éclairer, éduquer et surtout à inciter les lecteurs à réfléchir à l’avenir, au passé et au présent des aires protégées. Cent soixante neuf auteurs ont participé à la rédaction de ce livre qui porte sur tous les aspects de la gouvernance et de la gestion des aires protégées. Ils ont ainsi créé un outil de formation et de renforcement des capacités pour les agents de terrain et les gestionnaires des aires protégées ainsi que les décideurs de plus haut niveau. La traduction de l'ouvrage est en cours et les chapitres traduits seront publiés progressivement, nous vous invitons donc à consulter le site régulièrement. This is the French translation of Protected Area Governance and Management.

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They Came to Murramarang »

A History of Murramarang, Kioloa and Bawley Point

Authored by: Bruce Hamon
Bruce Hamon’s They Came to Murramarang, first published in 1994, provides a unique combination of local history and personal recollections from a writer who witnessed the transformation of the Murramarang region from the timber era to modern times. This new edition retains the original character of Bruce’s engaging prose with additional chapters relating to Bruce’s life, the writing of the book, the Indigenous history of the region and the transformation of the area since the book was written. The book has also been enhanced by the insertion of additional photographs.

Protected Area Governance and Management »

PAGM briefing note Protected Area Governance and Management presents a compendium of original text, case studies and examples from across the world, by drawing on the literature, and on the knowledge and experience of those involved in protected areas. The book synthesises current knowledge and cutting-edge thinking from the diverse branches of practice and learning relevant to protected area governance and management. It is intended as an investment in the skills and competencies of people and consequently, the effective governance and management of protected areas for which they are responsible, now and into the future. The global success of the protected area concept lies in its shared vision to protect natural and cultural heritage for the long term, and organisations such as International Union for the Conservation of Nature are a unifying force in this regard. Nonetheless, protected areas are a socio-political phenomenon and the ways that nations understand, govern and manage them is always open to contest and debate. The book aims to enlighten, educate and above all to challenge readers to think deeply about protected areas—their future and their past, as well as their present. The book has been compiled by 169 authors and deals with all aspects of protected area governance and management. It provides information to support capacity development training of protected area field officers, managers in charge and executive level managers. The French translation of this book, Gouvernance et gestion des aires protégées is also available for download.