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Australia: Identity, Fear and Governance in the 21st Century »

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  1. Social Attitudes Towards Contemporary Challenges Facing Australia (PDF, 117KB)Haydn Aarons and Juliet Pietsch 
  2. Keeping Our Distance: Non-Indigenous/Aboriginal relations in Australian society (PDF, 294KB)Maggie Walter 
  3. Australian Engagement with Asia: Towards closer political, economic and cultural ties (PDF, 146KB)Juliet Pietsch and Haydn Aarons 
  4. Minority Religious Identity and Religious Social Distance in Australia (PDF, 154KB)Gary D. Bouma 
  5. Are Neighbourhood Incivilities Associated with Fear of Crime? (PDF, 980KB)Lynne D. Roberts and David Indermaur 
  6. Terrorism and Public Opinion in Australia (PDF, 196KB)Juliet Pietsch and Ian McAllister 
  7. Are We Keeping the Bastards Honest? Perceptions of corruption, integrity and influence on politics (PDF, 163KB)Clive Bean 
  8. A New Role for Government? Trends in social policy preferences since the mid-1980s (PDF, 855KB)Shaun Wilson, Gabrielle Meagher and Kerstin Hermes 
  9. WorkChoices: An electoral issue and its social, political and attitudinal cleavages (PDF, 336KB)Murray Goot and Ian Watson 
  10. How Do Australians Search for Jobs? (PDF, 262KB)Xianbi Huang and Mark Western